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Very happy to announce a new design pattern for the Android Design Guide: The Navigation Drawer.

Navigation drawers have been a community-driven pattern for a while. We have now formalized its use on the Android platform with a new chapter in the official Android Design Guide. If you're interested in using this pattern in your app, or want to update your existing drawer to match best practices and recommendations, head on over and take a look.
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Thanks for posting. We've been thinking about some of these concepts for the Android versions of our apps. :)
When will a "bezel swipe" gesture be added to allow for easily letting users slide out this item? While there are many libraries that do this it would be nice enough to see direct support for what's become such a common and natural gesture
+Jens Nagel even though I love you guys, I think your new Hangouts app is cheaply designed. There were lot of improvements could have been made. Animation could have been more fluid while sliding from left (Take +The Verge  App for an example).  Also, it would be cool if the profile icon was rounded rather than square shape. 
simple function is fine for me - prefer to focus on the information instead of the means of delivery
Glad to see an official design guideline.
Is there going to be a problem here if apps already implement swipe to delete/archive/dismiss like in the Gmail app?

I could well imagine a user trying to swipe open the Navigation Drawer and losing a message, or trying to archive a message and getting a Navigation Drawer
When will this design be implemented (assuming stock OS only)? Looks great by the way. I think this is the final touch up that android is missing. 
wow shooo sweet pic
I'am very happy to meet friend and family inside google
Is this also recommended for 'tablet-size' devices? Do people like swiping from edge in, say, Nexus 10?
Great to finally see official recommendations about that pattern. I wish there would be some official implementation too.
+Anthony Kelly
Even though swipe-to-archive uses the same gesture, it originates at a different place. The drawer is pulled in from the left edge of the screen (bezel swipe), whereas swipe-to-archive originates more towards the center.
+Jens Nagel that's true, but you can currently swipe to archive by doing what amounts to a bezel swipe on the Gmail app.

Even though that's not what users are supposed to be doing, it is something that I imagine some are doing. 
+Jens Nagel
It's really nice and some apps like drift have already implemented it, but I have one issue with it. The area you can touch to swipe it open is too small for users of smartphone cases. You almost have to press the finger against the case to get into that area. Please make this area a little bit wider before all apps adopt it. I guess there are many who use their phone in a case.
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