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Enoxh Eloe
Former fetus. Twitter helps me find my inner Internet.
Former fetus. Twitter helps me find my inner Internet.

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I started a repository of useful data sets and whatnot.

You can find it here. Try a search for sql to get started.

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I recently created a JavaScript Prototype class that assists in dynamic form generation.

Last night I extended it so you can auto generate HTML forms from MYSQL tables.
I'm going to turn this into an AJAX autoCRUD framework eventually but if you just want to create a single form from a single table that say posts to a PHP page this makes short work of it.

Just tell it the the form action, method, table name and a field to order by and it'll build the form for you. You can create custom field labels and also exclude fields like id's and time stamps you just place them in an array. It supports all HTML and HTML5 input types. It uses Bootstrap in the example but style wise it's fully customizable.

It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the lips acquire stains, stains become a warning. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.

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If you couldn't take a single decent photo with the lens, you can't really call it a lens review.

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Stopping Time

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Lolz Just checked the traffic map.

Can we boil much of this down to tolerance?
Liberals and conservatives in studies tend to agree on basic core values to teach their children. Responsibility, hard work, helping others are all things both camps agree on categorically. There are other issues on which these groups tend to disagree extremely, imparting religious faith is one example. This in turn drives positions on a wide variety of other issues like abortion rights.
While we may disagree strongly on those issues, we can coexist as a society provided we have one thing.
A liberal tolerates a conservative point of view for the greater good. A conservative tolerates liberal ideas for the greater good and in so doing they can coexist as a society.
I think above all what disturbs me about recent events is I see a trend of intolerance. The Republican party under Obama and the new administration above all appears to be intolerant of any point of view but it's own. Don't get what you want, just stop engaging, do nothing. In turn I see liberals for the first time reacting similarly on the whole.
Now if you're not liberal or a progressive you may not understand that right now there are many of us considering for the first time in our lives a scenario where being faced with complete intolerance, we can only respond with complete intolerance or take the position that it's not uncommon for well-intentioned parents to sabotage their own efforts at moral development in children by doing things that send a different message than what they're trying to encourage.
Example: a parent who talks about cooperation and fair play, then throws a tantrum and swears at the referee at a sporting event. That seems to be the high road here, to stay calm and be tolerant, set an example.... But if the opposition is just a bully who will repeatedly punch you in the face while you stay tolerant, then eventually it becomes obvious that is not a good strategy.
"Teaching moral development is a process, the lessons more complex as the child grows up. "You can teach the little ones right and wrong pretty easily. As they get older, the areas of gray become more complex. "
Besides being intentional, it's clear that moral education needs to be systematic,".
I see little opportunity here for systemic moral education so in the end we are left with two possibilities. Tolerance or intolerance of intolerance.
It's a very puzzling position to be in.

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