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Melinda Parkhurst
Suburban Hippie - she's one resourceful cookie
Suburban Hippie - she's one resourceful cookie

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Summer Harvest Salad
Summer Harvest Salad As summer draws to a close and the warm weather fruits and vegetables are at their peak of ripeness, it is easy to create a colorful, nutritious dish with just a few fresh ingredients from your garden, local farmers market or produce se...

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Kitchen adventure: Superfood granola
Granola with fresh picked strawberries, blueberries and cashew milk Store bought granola can be loaded with more sugar and fat than you'd like to start your day.  This granola is packed with superfoods and sweetened with dates and dried fruits.  The traditi...

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Mother's Day
My mother's Julia Child yellow rose blooming in my garden As I contemplate Mother’s Day this year, it is with a bit of
sadness as it is the first one since my mother’s passing a few months ago.   I still reach for my phone to text her ,“Mom,
you won’t belie...

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2015 in review
Annual year end review workbook  I can't believe that 2015 is over.  It feels as though it went by in a whirlwind.  In my annual tradition, I am ending the year with a look back to acknowledge the year's accomplishments and evaluate the misses and then set ...

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Mushroom Veggie Burger Recipe
Mushroom and eggplant burger on a whole wheat bun with garden fresh spinach, tomato and refrigerator pickles I love a good veggie burger and enjoy giving new recipes a try.  The recipe in this video  was the inspiration for a burger that has become my curre...

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December Garden Update
Giant bowl of mixed greens:  rainbow chard, spinach, arugula and kale At this time of year I'd normally be snuggled up in front of a cracking fire to write this post. However, this year, we've got the windows open and the warm weather feels more like late S...

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Hightlights from this summer's garden
Most of the summer garden is gone as the days have grown shorter and the temperatures cooler.  Although the garden got off to a slow start because of a cool spring, production picked up and we were not disappointed with the variety in our harvests.  Here ar...

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Discovering aquafaba - Vegan Lemon Pound Cake
Pound cake is a favorite dessert from my childhood, and every family seems to have a prized recipe.  My Aunt Carolyn makes one of the best as does my friend Lisa.  Now, how to make this delicious treat vegan friendly... I was inspired by Popsugar's recipe f...

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Resource Library - when creativity needs inspiration
Some of my tools for creativity:  books, magazines, videos and art supplies I'm always looking for a good book or website to get my creative spark ignited and get the next project going.  Every room of our house seems to be filled with books of one kind or ...

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Adventures in creativity: mixed media collage
My workspace during class time at the Smithsonian This year has turned into one with a variety of unexpected creative adventures.  I have been exploring collage and mixed media art in more depth.  I am working on an online course, “30 Days of Collage” by St...
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