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Today is the day that we are proud to announce the launch of Kudoku! Two years ago we began this long and challenging journey and I am pleased to say Kudoku is live!
What is Kudoku? Kudoku is a mobile game invented by my mother and developed by Funny Games ( ).
Kudoku originally “Rudoku” is the mix between two really famous games: Ruzzle and Sudoku and It’s an innovative puzzle game where arithmetics is everything.
I’m so proud of the game and of my mother, who at the age of 67 has shown her brilliant mind and committed herself to this new and complicated adventure.
I feel so honoured to have worked with my mother and the talented guys from Just Funny Games. I'd like to congratulate them for their excellent co-ordination and great team work. They have proved working remotely is not an obstacle when there is a great connection and good communication.
If you would like to find out more about Kudoku, please download the free app. I would really appreciate it, if you could share this news for us and help us spread the word!
This is only the beginning of the adventure, we have many new features planned for the future. So have fun and please don’t hesitate to send me any feedback. Your opinion is valuable to us!

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Adobe launches all-new design tool

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