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Author, Speaker, Strategist, Thinker

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For you investors, this Chrome extension is freakin' awesome. Pulls in current stock performance after cash tags (stock symbols preceded by $) in your Twitter experience. Good stuff!

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May you find your fulcrum for 2014. My thoughts on the end of a personal disaster. 

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Gang - Today only, I'm raising money for National Family Literacy Day. If all of my followers donate just $25, we can raise over $2 million! I'm only hoping for $10,000, though. Won't you take a moment to consider? Help put books and tablets in hands, kids in laps and reconnect families around literacy. (I'm on the National Center for Family Literacy's board of directors. This is my charity passion. Help out if you can. Would greatly appreciate it.)

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Smarts from Doug Karr!

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I don't spend much time on Google+, but when I do, it's to talk marketing advice with Entrepreneur and John Jantsch, who is smart enough to make me sound like a baboon. See ya next week!
Join us for our fifth episode in a 7-part video chat series where we discuss with some of the top minds in digital marketing on how small businesses can build their online presence.  

In this chat, we sit down with +John Jantsch and +Jason Falls,  moderated by's +Jason Fell, as we discuss topics ranging from SEO to content to social media, covering all that is online marketing, and taking viewers' questions live.  

Read more about building your online presence and the articles we'll be referencing:

View our first episode in the #TeamDigital  series:

The second episode:

The third:  and fourth (also viewable as the featured video on this page)

Do you have a question about online marketing? Post your question here, or use #TeamDigital  on Twitter and your question could be featured. 

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Hormone Therapy Journal No. 1 - You are welcome! 

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Breaking News: I'm a woman. On the inside. 

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We're having some geek fun with the +CafePress page on G+. If'n you enjoy geek humor-ish, might be worth a circle.

Anyone know an update of when vanity URLs are coming here? Google announced rollouts in August, but our brands and what-not haven't seen them yet. As I understand it, we don't get to choose ... they're tied to our username. But when are they coming? +Louis Gray? 
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