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The ever evolving hotel industry 

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AHC 60 Second Interview; Kit Kemp - Firmdale Hotels

We have recently had the opportunity to meet and chat to Kit Kemp from Firmdale Hotels at their head office in South Kensington to discuss design, New York, why people matter, and working with other brands.

How do you delight your staff?
We have 2 buildings which are all about training. It is a very important part of it and to keep our staff, which after all is what we are all about as well, they have to know that within our company they can be promoted. They have to be able to think there is a future for them, we promote from within and have a graduate programme but also we are training within the organisation as we have our own way of doing things. They are so vital and I love them, for me the best time is before the hotel opens and before they are wearing uniforms, and yet they are serving and I can see their character coming through. As soon as you put them in a uniform they become much more corporate and lost, but before then I can really get to know them and we keep our key people for a long time.

How do you delight your guests?
There is no one area which does not have to excel, you can not think 'we are going to be better at this and not so good at that'. You have to have every bit working equally well, and so when you come through the door you have to be delighted with the feeling around you, there si no point coming to the front desk and  everyone is turning away, going in the other direction or not actually smiling at you. You want to have a look round, you want your curiosity peaked by what is happening, and every area, when you go to the restaurant, spa, when you have a drink, visit the theatre, everything should be working beautifully. The other thing is to build ecologically, thats very important.

What made you think you could do this?
I didn't dare think it would be hotels really, its a wonderful area because when you think of it you have got everything you would have in a private home as well as the restaurants, bars and buzziness. It's a dream of a job.

Which area of the hotel tests you most?
It is like reinventing the wheel sometimes, but food and beverage always, you can not take your eye off the ball. The other area is the spa side, its something you have got to have. The design side is a piece of cake!

There is more from Kit in the audio, go to our web site to hear the full interview by clicking here.

For more information on the group follow them on Twitter @Firmdale_Hotels. And for news and updates from us Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @AnnualHotelConf#AHC2015 or visit our web site.

To book our Early Bird Rate of £435.00 + VAT (Standard Rate £495.00 + VAT) click here. There are only 200 places at this special rate so don't delay!

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AHC 2015 - Join These Industry Leading Companies...

The AHC 2015 team have been beavering away developing our theme of 'Connect & Communicate' and have the bones of the programme with the following topics, amongst others, being tackled:

The Brand Margin
Speed Networking
Disruptive Change
Revenue Management
Sales & Marketing
We are delighted that leading industry figures from the following companies will be featured within the sessions and you can expect plenty more to join them;

Airbnb | BDRC Continental | Beyonder Group | CBRE Hotels | Eccleston Square Hotel | Generator Hostels | Google | HDE | IHG | JLL | Lloyds Bank | NatWest | Oracle | PwC | Qbic Hotels | Saatchi & Saatchi | Santander UK | Squire Patton Boggs |

Companies who are already registered and have benefited from booking at the Early Bird Rate of £435.00 + VAT include;

AM:PM Hotels | ARUP | BECK | Best Western Hotel Great Britain | Cathedral Hotels Ltd | Conran and Partners | Christie + Co | Dexter Moren Associates | Expedia | Herald Hotels | Legacy Hotels & Resorts Limited | leaf HOSPITALITY | Lowy Group | Nadler Hotels | Paragon Hotels | Redefine BDL Management Limited | Savills (UK) Limited | 

The Early Bird Rate now only has few remaining tickets left, so dont delay and book now to enjoy £435.00 + VAT, standard rate £495.00 + VAT.

There are great sponsor and exhibitor opportunities for your business to show case in front of 700+ delegates. Click here for more information on how to be part of The AHC 2015.

News of more development, programme, sponsors and delegates will be announced over the coming months to keep you fully updated on what is in store for AHC 2015. Make sure you follow us on Twitter @AnnualHotelConf#AHC2015 and Facebook and check our web site for all the information you will need.

Learn. Network. Be Inspired.

See you at The AHC!
The AHC Team

14th & 15th October 2015

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AHC 2015 Theme: Connect & Communicate

Connect: bring together or into contact so that a real or notional link is established.

Communicate: share or exchange information, news, or ideas.

2015 sees The AHC focusing on the importance of how we all do business by connecting and communicating. Since the world has become more technologically advanced the methods in which we can do both of these things has grown dramatically. There is email, text messaging, Apps, social media...the list continues.

The programme will reflect how hospitality can best harness all of these approaches along side good old-fashioned direct conversations and experiences. How can a hotel in the provinces best talk to its local market? How does a brand help drive customers into your property? How should I approach my bank to gain funds for improvements? How should a hotel best manage OTAs so the balance it right for all parties?

These questions, amongst others, will be dealt with both before, during and after the conference as we will be speaking to industry leaders and feeding their advice through our 'Communications' to help us 'Connect' with you. Follow us on Twitter @AnnualHotelConf#AHC2015 and on Facebook for AHC and industry news.

Better still get the most from the connect and communicate theme by booking your place to meet people face-to-face at The AHC.

The Early Bird Rate still has a number of the limited 200 spaces left, so do not delay, book here today.

Learn. Network. Be Inspired.

The AHC Team

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Great news for our friends at Robin and Stephen
Eight hoteliers become Master Innholders - Bespoke chairman Robin Sheppard and Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester general manager Stephen Miles are among the eight hoteliers who have been awarded Master Innholder status this year.
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