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For children learning piano, the number one PIANO LESSON SOFTWARE is Children's Music Journey by Adventus.  This program is the most exciting way for a child to learn piano as they explore a musical, animated world with fun characters, activities, and interactive playing features. With this creative system, children as young as four years old can learn to play the piano.

In Children's Music Journey, the children learn theory, notes, how to play, and rhythm in 95 lessons taught by famous composers, including Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Debussy, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, and more. Each lesson has a corresponding practice session in the practice room, taught by “Miss Melody,” the practice room instructor. This system is part of the “teach, practice, apply” method used throughout this piano lesson software, and the apply comes with 150 songs, including several famous pieces, that the children can learn to play. Or, to build their creativity and enhance the lessons, there is a section where they can compose and improvise, making their own musical pieces using dozens of instruments, sounds, beats, and other fun and imaginative additions. To reinforce the learning, there are 30 fun games to play. There is also a library where music, lessons, and practice are combined in one, making them easy to find.

The Children's Music Journey software comes in three volumes. The first volume teaches the basics, like the musical alphabet, basic notes, intervals, and sharps and flats. In Volume 2, children can build on that knowledge by learning more complex notes like the dotted half, time signatures, repeat signs, treble and bass clef, and playing with a metronome. The third and final volume teaches dynamics, chords, and builds on and re-emphasizes all of the lessons from the previous volumes.

Teaching a child to play piano doesn't have to be like pulling teeth; if they find a way to engage and interact, they will come to really enjoy playing. Children's Music Journey helps provide that interaction. This piano lesson software is designed to keep them entertained as they learn, and they may never want to stop.
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