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editor at Baen Books, sf fan, cat person
editor at Baen Books, sf fan, cat person

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Get the red out!

Of your closet, that is, and onto your body. :)

Nine days until National Wear Red Day, Feb. 3rd (always the first Friday in American Heart Month).

Wear red to help raise awareness of heart disease in women, our #1 killer, five times more deadly to women than breast cancer is.

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My husband, +Paul Cory, makes a calendar every year from his photos. Usually the two of us pick a theme and the images. This year, we're crowd-sourcing it! Go vote! :)
Every year, I produce a calendar of nature images for sale. This year, I'm allowing you all to pick the 13 photos (12 months plus cover image) for the calendar! Just +1 your favorite photos. The top vote-getters by the day after Thanksgiving will become the 2012-13 calendar.

Yes, I'm doing this on Facebook, too. So, if you're really social media connected, you get vote twice. :-)
2012 Calendar Hopefuls (43 photos)
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Mark your calendars, please. National Wear Red Day will be on Friday, Feb. 3, 2012. Help us raise awareness of heart disease, the #1 killer of women.

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What are patient-to-patient social media sites? Does HIPAA apply to us? We aren't traditional health care providers, but we are providing support and occasionally exchanging medical information.

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My first-ever tweet-chat will be tonight at 8pm EDT. Tweeting with me will be +Katherine Leon. Stop by, and ask questions! We're going to be focusing on patient-initiated research, what it means to be an e-patient and a patient advocate, and more.

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+Jim Hines has put together an excellent anti-sexual harassment resource for sf/f people. Please check it out and bookmark it.
Blog Post: Reporting Sexual Harassment in SF/F Circles

About a year ago, I put together a resource post about reporting sexual harassment in science fiction and fandom circles. Given that anything more than a week old is ancient internet history, I figured it was worth reposting.

I want to make it as clear as I can that if you’ve been sexually harassed, it’s your choice whether or not to report that harassment. It’s not an easy choice, and nobody can guarantee the outcome. But I can tell you that if someone has harassed you, it’s 99% certain that he (or she) has done it to others. You’re not alone.

Just had to delete my first G+ spam comment. I guess the place is sufficiently broken in now...

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It's here, and I'm here with +Katherine Leon. It's sunny but cold in Rochester, but the place is buzzing with excitement. Our keynote is tomorrow at lunch, on how SCAD patients in particular, and other rare disease patients in general, can organize via social media, and then get researchers interested in these so-called orphan diseases.

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SCAD Ladies Stand Up: Stories of Patient Empowerment pdf is now available.

The WomenHeart online support forum is where I first found support from other women who'd had spontaneous coronary artery dissections over two and a half years ago; to this day, the WomenHeart forum has the largest (to my knowledge) collection of SCAD survivors.
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