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Steve O'Brien
Radio/TV personality, actor, interviewer
Radio/TV personality, actor, interviewer

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Planning for Success?
"If you fail to plan, you are planning for failure..." Whether you credit Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill or other historically successful  personalities, they all lived by that rule.  As for me, it only took many years (!) of trial and error to discov...

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How To Taste 100 Years of History
Organic Enzo Olive Oils   Several years ago, we visited friends in Tuscany during the olive harvest in spite of the region's chilly November weather.  We did so because our friends had often shared their delicious wines and olive oil with us and we were det...

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Stop Aging?
              Sounds impossible, yes?  Well, we DO have people working on that - if you believe the stories surrounding some of GOOGLE's current projects. What to do in the meantime?  No junk science, please.  First, to potentially slow the aging of your sk...

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Cook with Authority
Anolon Authority , that is...   Thought occurred to me today while sliding my frittata smoothly off my Anolon skillet on to a plate - being creative in the kitchen is much easier when your cookware cooperates. With the increasing demand for higher-quality p...

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Healthy Snacks and Superfoods
Taste bud alert.  Let's examine the newest flavorful treats from around the world as shown in the annual Fancy Food Show in New York City. First up, cookies.  Who doesn't love the satisfying deliciousness of a well-baked cookie?  Lenny & Larry are two pals ...

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Animal Lovers, Welcome
Dyson's Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy       What is your "must have" feature when choosing a vacuum cleaner?  We all have at least one that tops others.  But, what if... you discovered a game-changing vacuum that offered all the features you crave? F...

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Resolution Revolution
How is that resolution going?  Your plan to eat healthier this year? If you still find the challenge a bit more strenuous than you imagined, here is a super solution.  Grab a copy of the HEALTHY SLOW COOKER REVOLUTION  from "America's Test Kitchen Bookstore...

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Dueling Tastebuds
 THE Food Event of the Summer Here's your chance to attend one of the most glorious food events anywhere.  Again this year, one of the best reasons to include a London visit in your vacation plans this June is the " Taste of London " festival.  (Click link ...

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