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40 Things To Do BEFORE I Turn 40
So on Friday I turn 39....39 years old. In a way it is hard to imagine. I never that I would make it to 35 much less 39. I have been doing a lot of thinking. I am no where close to where I want to be. If you told me at 19 that I would be doing Accounts...

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I've still been struggling
Living with a mental illness is not easy. I have been struggling so much over the past few months it is not funny. I try to tell myself every day "It is a new day, do not waste today. You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't listen to the voices ...

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I have been MIA
I have not posted since Oct 2015. I have been trying to figure out everything. I tried to get off my medicine and that was not a good idea. I have just been feeling so down and out since October. Some days are good but the majority of the days are bad. ...

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What if I did not have Anxiety, Depression and Schizophernia?
Having a mental illness is hard to live with. Some days are harder than others. To me it is like running on a treadmil. I seem to never get where I am going no matter how fast or hard I run I can never get to where I am trying to go. I have tried to imag...

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Things To Think About Thursday Part 2
Welcome to Things to Think About Thursday Part 2. Here are some things to think about today. This quote hits home right now. I have to make a decession and I am going back and forth on it. I am just not sure what to do about it. Thank you for stopping my...

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Words of Wisdom Wednesday
Welcome to Words of Wisdom Wednesday! I have been trying to stay positive. Every morning when I wake up I have been telling myself the following: 1. I matter what I may think or believe I do matter. Living with Schizophrenia can be hard beca...

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T.G.I.M - Motivational Monday Part 2
It's my part 2 for Motivational Monday........I know I skipped last week. I am still in a runt and trying very hard to still get out of it. Here is to an other week and being AWESOME......I can tell you that I am feeling better. My mother in law has helpe...

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World Mental Health Day.....Oct 10, 2015

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Things To Think About Thursday
I have been trying to have a more positive attitude lately. I want to start living the life I have always wanted to live. But sometimes when I am down and feel like I can not take on the world I put on my brave face. But to be honest it can be so exhausti...

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World Mental Health Day...Oct 10, 2015

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