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Med City Mobility has 3 locations to assist you with your mobility needs in Southern Minnesota. Our staff in Austin, Faribault and Rochester is committed to providing the very best service possible. From canes to the very highest end complex powered chairs, to walkers, wheelchairs, scooters or comprehensive vehicle modifications and home accessibility products, we have the people and the experience to give you freedom to move.
We employ experts in many fields including vehicle technicians trained in the latest advances in vehicle accessibility modifications. From ramps and lifts to hand controls and left footed accelerator pedals, our experts can get you and your vehicle back on the road.
Our trained home accessibility experts would be happy to visit your home and evaluate your needs. Installation of a powered stair lift by our trained professionals can increase safety nd enhance independence.
Our Assistive Technology Professional works closely with facilities such as the Mayo Clinic's Seating Clinic to make sure our customers get the best seating available for both comfort and health maintenance. All of our employees receive on-going training to keep up with the latest in treatments and advances to provide you with the best care.
As a Medicare approved provider, Med City Mobility meets all Medicare standards and will assist you with billing and insurance filings for durable medical products. As a full service provider, we can find you the equipment you need. Whether you need a lift chair, safety equipment, wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and many other products, see Med City Mobility first. Visit or call us at any of our locations in Rochester, Faribault or Austin, Minnesota.
We are a member of the Midwest Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers (MAMES)
We are a member of the VGM Group national network of homecare providers
We are Medicare Accredited by The Compliance Team
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At Med City Mobility, we give you the Freedom to Move!
Some of our services include:
Evaluation of client for specialized products
Evaluation of client's home and workplace for wheelchair accessibility
Servicing what we sell
Pick-up and delivery of product
We process all major insurance claims
Advocate for the client in insurance denials
Product and technology training for physicians and therapists
Home accessibility modifications such as installation of stair lifts
Vehicle modifications such as raised roofs, lifts, hand controls etc
Much, much more! #wheelchair   #powerliftchair   #medicaldevices   #scooters_for_sale   #walkers  
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At Med City Mobility, we know it's the people that differentiate service businesses. That's why all of our employees at our three locations work hard to give you the best service the first time and every time. We will answer your questions; explain the benefits of the products; and teach you or your caregivers how to get the most from every product we carry. If there is a product you require that you don't see in our store, please ask. We could have it at one of our other stores or if we don't carry it, we will research our many vendor catalogs and order it for you.

With pick-up and delivery throughout our service area, Med City Mobility is there for you when you need us. We carry a full line of wheelchairs, powered chairs, scooters, walkers, hospital beds, incontinence products, bathroom aids and much, much more. We also provide and install vehicle modification and home accessibility products for those needing this specialized service.

At Med City Mobility, we give you the Freedom to Move!
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