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Michael Gonzalez is Product Marketing Expert


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no, but just use
Has anyone used this service? How does it look to you? Do you think posts placed through here could look like being in a commercial blog network?
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Its an open market for a reason. But traffic is the life blood.
Regulatory Bodies - Why is there no regulatory body for website building and SEO?
Does it simply come unstuck legally due to freedom of speech and expression?
Search engines try to regulate by algorithm changes and guidelines, but shouldn't there be a guide/directory in each country for the SME market to reference?

Your thoughts?
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Looking for an SEO  near Louisville, KY (Consulting)
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How many articles are good to start with for an authority site?
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Backlinks, Backlinks, Backlinks. They still work.
How is possible website with 449 characters in the page Title to be on fourth position in SERP for Competitive Local market (Real Estate)?! 
Here is some additional information about the market:  
Competitive Keyphrase  - The website is not in English but translatable it means - "properties town name"  
(The website is in second position for "properties in town name")   
Local Monthly Searches for that keyphrase - 48 800  
Real Competition (All in title) - 5 400  
On Page SEO - totally opposite on what is written in the books  
* The Page Title - Spammy  
* No H1 tag  
* Not any valuable Website content  
* Poor website architecture  
* Terrible URL aliases - /offersList.php?direct=X®ions=bla..bla..bla...  
* Images don't have alt tag  
* URL canonicalization. There are 4 examples of the website  
* The website Design - reminds me me for the 90's  
* PR - 1  
  - Domain Rank: 2.04  
  - Page Authority: 27  
  - Domain Authority: 14  

* 19 inbound links from 3 domains  
* On top of that - there is some funny mistake in the code:  
text/x-generic defaults.php--  
PHP script text 
<DOCTYPE .... 
And just to clarify  - I don't get any personal results - tested in all major browsers and not signed in google  
I do not know what to think? Is G trying to manipulate the Search Results and to push Local Business to use G Ads? Am I missing something, or maybe the webmasters that made this website used some kind of "magic ball"....  

Here is the link to the SERP.  
Your opinion will be much appreciated!
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You can still find it at the bottom of the page results
Has google deleted the related searches option?
It used to be found on the page and then was moved to the search tools but is now gone, anyone know what's up?
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Call of duty type of night.
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Go Cavs! Beat the Heat!
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God Speed Voyager
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