Hello I'm Mike and I'm writing this in hope of helping my  best friend, Sammy Luke, and his family. Sammy suffered a tragic loss of his right leg as well as sustaining head trauma and back injuries in an accident. He had only been married 2 months and had no medical insurance. He was released from the hospital within one week with no physical therapy or help with coping as an amputee. Sammy qualified for Medicaid for a very short time during which he was given a prosthesis. Its has  never fit right and is painfil to wear. Sammy cant afford to pay to have the adjustments made and struggles with such as food, rent, and utilities. State Disability won't allow any medical coverage for two years. His prosthesis sits in the corner whilye Sammy hobbles around on crutches. I see his depression growing, worrying about his familys needs. After all that has been happening, he was diagnosed w kidney failure. His doctors have put him on the national kidney list. He's now having to dialysis three time a week.  My hope is that generous donors will help sammy to get the work done on his prosthesis and some physical therapy and counseling. Sammy is a stay-at-home father w his 5-yr old step son, a baby on the way and needs to be more mobile. Any help will be a blessing. 

Thank you all.
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