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Award Winning Criminal & DUI-Defense Attorney (

We don't mean to "toot our own horn" but we are very proud to be regarded as one of Ohio's top criminal & DUI defense firms. Brian Joslyn, our firm's managing attorney, has been ranked by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys as one of the 10 best criminal defense lawyers in Ohio. Columbus CEO Magazine elected Brian as a top criminal lawyer in Columbus. The National Trial Lawyers Association has also nominated him as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the country. And that's not all - see the full list of awards and honors on our website.

Our attention to detail, deep knowledge of Ohio state laws, combined experience and passion for justice is what earns us these awards. We pass this on to you, our client. Your rights are important to us and we do everything we can to get charges reduced or dismissed. Whatever your alleged crime, don't try to fight the system alone. Bring one of Ohio's best attorneys into the courtroom with you to avoid harsh penalties and fines.

We offer a free consultation, so don't hesitate to give us a call today - we'll be happy to discuss your case with you: 888-USA-RIGHTS.

We Have a Defense for That
Getting arrested and charged with a criminal offense does not automatically mean that you will be convicted. While it may be a stressful and confusing time, it doesn’t need to affect your life forever. There are several defenses that can result in a complete dismissal of any charges brought against you. We often find that police officers violate individual rights when they make criminal arrests.
Some of the most common defenses in criminal cases can include:
-Entrapment This is where a police officer or government official gives the alleged offender an opportunity to commit criminal conduct, when they would not have been predisposed to commit the crime without the influence.
-Exemptions to warrant requirement This is when a law enforcement officer searched or seized property without a warrant.
-Violation of constitutional rights
-Statute of limitations violations
-Mistaken identity
-Failure to read Miranda Rights
If you are arrested, the best thing to do is contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Evidence can be lost, destroyed, confiscated, or altered, meaning that time can be limited in terms of getting a good defense in place for your case.
If you’ve been recently arrested, get in contact with us today. We offer a free consultation, so there’s no need to delay. Give us a call at: (614) 444-1900.
Marijuana Possession under Ohio Law
Getting charged with marijuana possession can be especially frustrating, especially when we’re seeing other states that have decriminalized or completely legalized it. However, it’s still illegal under Ohio state law, although some people with certain conditions may qualify for a medical marijuana card in the near future.
Currently, getting caught with marijuana can carry heavy consequences. If you’re a first-time offender and you’re not caught with it in conjunction with another crime, you may be able to seal your criminal record. If you’re caught with less than 100 grams of marijuana on you, it will result in a minor misdemeanor, no jail time, and a maximum $150 fine. For 100-200 grams, it’s also a misdemeanor, but the judge may recommend jail time and a maximum fine of $250.
However, beyond that, penalties go up quite a bit, resulting in felony charges, significant prison time and fines of up to $15,000.
If you’ve been arrested for marijuana possession, give us a call. Even a small amount can result in getting charged with a misdemeanor, which will follow you and can cause problems in the future. We will work to get the charges against you completely dismissed or reduced as much as possible. We offer a free consultation, so there’s no reason to not give us a call today: (614) 444-1900.

Ohio’s Driving Point System
In the state of Ohio, we have a driving point system that assigns points to people when certain traffic violations have been incurred. Unlike sports, you definitely do not want to rack up the points. Your driver’s license can get temporarily or permanently suspended if you incur too many points within a specified time frame.
If you receive more than 5 points, the registrar of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will send you a warning letter listing the violations, the points incurred for each violation, and possible license suspensions.
If you receive 12 points or more within a two-year period, the BMV registrar will send you a written notice that your license is suspended under a “Class D Suspension”. Class D Suspensions last for 6 months, and begin 20 days after the date of the notice. You are able to file a petition appealing the suspension in the 20 days before the suspension becomes active.
Anyone who has between 2 and 20 points can voluntarily take a driving instruction course for a 2 point credit on their driving record. Only one credit opportunity is available in any three-year period, and you can only use up to 5 point credits in a lifetime.
Get in touch with us today for a free consultation about your traffic-related offense – we may be able to get your charges dismissed or significantly reduced.

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Talking to Kids about Pot (

Where do the ethics and laws lie around talking to kids about pot? If you have a teenager, chances are, you are planning to, or already have had a conversation with them about the responsible use (or non-use) of marijuana. In Ohio, we're developing a medical marijuana system but recreational use is still illegal.
However, regardless of whether or not you live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana, studies have shown that the enterprising teen will find a way to acquire some if they want to. So, talking to your teen about pot use is crucial to their health and safety.

Parents often have trouble having this talk. A couple pointers on health and law may help navigate the discussion.

Recent brain research is showing that early use of pot - that is, while the brain is still developing, may contribute to higher rates of depression, mood difficulties, and lower educational accomplishment. Our brains continue to develop until our early 20's, so using pot (and alcohol) during this period can drastically affect a teen's mental and emotional health.

Beyond that, legally speaking, getting arrested for being in possession of marijuana can do a lot of damage to a teen's future. Not only could it affect employment opportunities, but drug charges will disqualify financial aid eligibility, so it can affect educational opportunities as well.

Talking openly about marijuana use tends to make it less taboo and exciting, leading to your teen (hopefully) considering the very real consequences of use.

#marijuana #pot #law #health #teen

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Fun Fact Friday: Your Asteroid Mining Rights (

A new congressional law may create the possibility for corporations to own pieces of space. Interestingly, the reason why capitalism hasn't reached space yet is due to a treaty signed in 1967 called the Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits countries from claiming ownership of celestial bodies. However The Space Act of 2015 passed by the United States Congress sidesteps many of the provisions that were previously established in the Outer Space Treaty.

The Space Act allows companies to establish property rights on asteroids. In addition, any resources obtained from that asteroid belongs to the company that mines them. The law doesn't give companies the right to claim an entire asteroid for themselves, but only to the resources mined from within. The rights to these resources are enforceable under federal law. This means that if you want to start your own space mining business, and your neighbor's space mining business is already on an asteroid - you may need to find another asteroid to mine.

The point of this new law is to encourage private companies to engage in space exploration. It opens the door to industrial development in outer space with limited governmental interference. While the law isn't as robust as it could be, it certainly brings up some questions about the industrialization of outer space.

#rights #law #space #funfactfriday

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So You Got Arrested (

Many arrests happen on a daily basis but many people think that it could not possibly happen to them. Unfortunately, getting arrested doesn't always have to do with being on the right or wrong side of the law - it can happen from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Believing that it could never happen to you can make an arrest seem even more shocking and stressful.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is key to defending your rights and help you deal with the stressful situation. Our knowledgeable attorneys are passionate about giving legal counsel and helping people out of tough situations. No matter the circumstance, it's important to have an attorney by your side. Brian Joslyn is an award-winning criminal defense attorney and our team has successfully helped hundreds of people get their charges significantly reduced or completely dismissed.

Whether your charges are misdemeanors or felonies, all carry serious repercussions if you are convicted. If it's a "small" offense, it may not seem like such a big deal, but criminal convictions follow you and can prevent housing and educational opportunities in the future.

Head over to our website to learn more about our office, our team, case results, and more. We offer a free consultation, so there's no need to wait to give us a call. (614) 444-1900.

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10 States With The Highest Rates of Drinking & Driving (

Nearly 11,000 Americans die each year in car accidents that involved an alcohol-impaired driver. It's been found that men are more likely to drink and drive, with 81 percent of driving under the influence incidents involving a male driver. While men between the ages of 21 and 34 only account for 11 percent of the American population, they cause 32 percent of all drinking and driving incidents, according to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The top ten states with the highest amount of drinking and driving incidents per capita are:

1. North Dakota 988 out of 1,000 people surveyed admitted to driving while under the influence.
2. Delaware 843 out of 1,000.
3. Massachusetts 835 of 1,000.
4. Nebraska 832 of 1,000.
5. Louisiana 728 of 1,000
6. Missouri 701 out of 1,000.
7. Michigan 689 of 1,000.
8. South Dakota 623 per 1,000.
9. Alabama 621 of 1,000.
10. Iowa 620 out of 1,000.

If you were sweating bullets to see if Ohio made the list, you're not alone. Thankfully, it sounds like our drivers may be more responsible than those surveyed.

However, if you or a loved one have recently been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, we're here to help. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys have helped hundreds of people get their OVI charges significantly reduced or even dismissed. Head over to our website to learn more about our OVI defenses (, and give us a call today: (614) 444-1900.

#dui #ovi #columbus #ohio

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How Consumers Sign Away Their Rights (

We are so used to signing our names when signing up for new services or purchasing products that many of us don't read the fine print. Sometimes when we sign agreements, we are voluntarily giving up consumer rights.

Service contracts and purchase agreements often contain "arbitration clauses" which are meant to protect the company in case something goes wrong or they decide to change terms of service. Thankfully, consumer advocacy and protection groups are pushing back on these agreements and standing up for all of our consumer rights.

Most contracts these days say that you can't take the company to court if they decide to change the service agreement (for example, 6 months after you signed up for a service, they decide to double the price - sorry, you signed away your right to sue them). However, what you can do is plead your case to an arbitrator. The downside to this is the company typically picks the arbitrator - and the arbitrator does not need to follow the law. Furthermore, the arbitrator's decision can't be appealed. Even if you discover that others have had the same misfortune as you, you can't join together to form a class action lawsuit because you signed that paperwork.

Thankfully, these unfair agreements are being reviewed by advocacy groups who are pushing for new rules. If you'd like more information, head over to the linked article, which also includes a couple resources if you're stuck in a difficult situation with an arbitration clause.

#rights #consumerrights #consumers

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Defense for White Collar Crime (

White collar crime typically revolves around finances, economic or corporate crime, or crimes committed through the course of someone's business. While they may seem relatively harmless at the time, they can be charged as federal offenses, Ohio state offenses, or both. Sometimes, people may not be aware that they are involved in an illegal operation, or they weren't responsible for organizing the criminal enterprise.

Engaging in identity fraud, forgery, embezzlement, tax evasion, extortion, corrupt activity, insurance fraud, or Medicaid fraud or other computer-related offenses can be charged as felonies at the federal level. As you can imagine, these felonies come with severe punishments and hefty fines. If the offense is deemed less severe, you may be trialed under the Ohio state law but those punishments are extremely severe as well, many requiring mandatory prison sentences and fines of up to 20,000 USD.

If you have been charged with one of these crimes, or think you may be involved, give us a call today. Let our team of award-winning experienced criminal defense attorneys work to get you a favorable outcome. Head over to our website to learn more about white collar crimes, and give us a call today at: (614) 444-1900.

#columbus #attorney #whitecollarcrime #criminaldefense #ohio

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Fun Fact Friday: Clown Sightings on the Rise (

Yes, you read that headline right - there has been an influx of people dressing up in clown costumes and terrorizing their communities. Some people are even carrying knives while dressed in these costumes. There's a few different theories as to why this is happening all of a sudden, and a lot of it has to do surrounding the recently released It movie.

Whether people just trying to scare other community members for Halloween, or if they're actually planning on committing some sort of violence, it's generally not a good idea to participate in this scare. Not only does it stress people out (especially parents), it's also a drain on law enforcement resources, as most people have been calling the police to come investigate after these sightings.

However, this isn't the first time this has happened. Clown sightings have been occurring semi-regularly since at least 1981. Around Halloween in 2014, an uptick of clown sightings happened in California and some other states. In 2016, someone got video of a person in a clown costume wandering amongst the gravestones in Chicago's Rosehill Cemetery.

While there hasn't been any it's best to keep the masks off until Halloween. People are generally feeling pretty on edge these days, and may take matters into their own hands instead of calling the police - one man chased a clown off his property using a machete.

#funfactfriday #weird #clowns

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Don't Let Your OVI Charge Ruin Your Life (

Getting convicted of operating a vehicle under the influence is a serious offense that can have lasting consequences. An OVI can result in expensive fines, community service, probation, community service, and jail time. Getting another OVI after your first have extremely severe penalties that can affect your ability to get a job, a house, or education.

If you get pulled over on suspicion of operating under the influence, it is likely that you will be arrested. However, following a few simple steps can help the outcome of your case:

+Ask to have an attorney present before disclosing anything past your license, registration, and proof of insurance.

+Do not give any statements - oral or written, or sign anything, unless your attorney is present.

+Give us a call as soon as you can after your arrest: (614) 444-1900 so we can get a defense set up for you as soon as possible.

We have several defense options available to help you in your case. Head over to our website to learn more about OVI charges in Ohio. We also have resources available for you as well. We offer a free consultation, so give us a call today: (614) 444-1900.

#ovi #attorney #columbus #ohio

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Traffic Violation Defense (

While getting a driving violation may seem insignificant, it's important to consider how it will affect you in the future. While minor traffic violations can be resolved by paying a fine, other more serious offenses can lead to severe penalties, including jail or prison time, license suspension and forfeiture of your vehicle.

For example, getting charged with reckless driving, driving with a suspended license, hit and run, texting while driving, and operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) all carry harsh penalties. You may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony all from something that may have seemed relatively harmless at the time. Using the phone, putting on makeup, running to the grocery store with a suspended license, or other seemingly insignificant offenses can stay on your record forever. In addition to that, Ohio's driving point system means that traffic violations can stack, resulting in license suspension should you "earn" enough points over a period of time.

This is why it's important to contact our office if you've been charged with any traffic violation. We may be able to find factors applicable to your case to have your charge reduced or completely dismissed. We offer a free consultation, so there's no need to wait. Give us a call today: (614) 444-1900.

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