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Italian Fun T-Shirts
Italian Fun T-Shirts

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We were founded with the vision of sharing more Italian culture with the rest of the world! What better way to do this than through our language. And better yet, through our own Italian SLANG.

We believe the Italian "sayings" and "quips" which are used throughout our culture generate laughter, love and a little wisdom. Some of those expressions are already well known, such as "Mama Mia" or "Arrivederci" or "Mi Fratello".

Those are just a few words most people would know. There are so many more we need to share and that is our ultimate goal!

We also believe these expressions can become common place to others with the help of individuals already familiar with the language, yes the Italians. We hope that our "paizanos" will fall in love with our products so they can proudly wear them for the rest of the world to learn!

Slang-Man LLC
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