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Kristina England
Writer, Biker, Sailor and More to Come
Writer, Biker, Sailor and More to Come

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From Volume 37: A poem by Colin Dekeersgieter
THE ANTHOLOGISTS By Colin Dekeersgieter You are roiling in the newest star, a constant measure of the law of fading. This fissure of the night, toggled by Doppler, arpeggiates the ocean to sway the suzerain moon until she gives the sheet over to the bright ...

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From Volume 37: A poem by Daniel Saalfeld
STRAYS By Daniel Saalfeld Riding to Stalin’s dacha on Easter morning, we listen to a Russian woman point out, in Russian, the major Sochi landmarks from hotels to monuments to parks to businesses. It’s stale, better left unsaid. After all, who really cares ...

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From Volume 37: A poem by 黄昏, Mi Zheng-ying
樱花落 那时,我正迎着曙光 漫步在铺满樱花碎石的小径 一只白鸟扇动翅膀,发出咕咕的叫声 等我抬起头,它已消失在樱花 树 梦幻的边缘。 我蹲下身,触摸樱花粉嫩的躯体 感知它扑向泥土时最后的 颤抖 Cherry blossoms on a path By 黄昏, Mi Zheng-ying When I walked at dawn on the gravel path covered in cherry blossoms, a white bird fluttered its wings and quietly...

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From Volume 37: A poem by Jonathan Blake
VIGIL By Jonathan Blake Heavy flakes of snow float Beyond the windows that overlook The valley. The hills of the horizon Are blue. I have forgotten what it is I must do in this world, and the voices That trouble me are still. I grow Old, but the winter ligh...

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From Volume 37: A poem by Sarah Brown Weitzman
MONET IN WINTER By Sarah Brown Weitzman Though he must have longed for summer gardens at Giverny, hot light flaring off water-glazed lilies, Monet did not abandon work in winter seated outdoors at his easel in several overcoats and scarves to record swiftly...

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From Volume 37: A poem by Henry Walters
MILKMAN * By Henry Walters Not till this old-fashioned morning, Son House singing through fifty pushups, fifty situps, some pain- ful stretches into lower registers that can’t be reached, on a skipping record, Got a letter this morn-, Got a letter this morn...

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From Volume 37: A poem by 李白, Li Po
秋日登扬州西灵塔 宝塔凌苍苍,登攀览四荒。顶高元气合,标出海云长。 万象分空界,三天接画梁。水摇金刹影,日动火珠光。 鸟拂琼帘度,霞连绣栱张。目随征路断,心逐去帆扬。 露浴梧楸白,霜催橘柚黄。玉毫如可见,于此照迷方。 Climbing the Xiling Pagoda [1] in Yangzhou, Autumn [2] By 李白, Li Po The pagoda points into blue sky, and I climb on its top, looking at distant land...

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From Volume 35: A story from Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt
Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt   Dust and the Moon   He shook a mound of nuts and raisins into his palm, then
closed the bag and crammed it back into his pocket alongside his pen and a
small Bible. A “half-Bible,” his brother called it, a book so slim that only
one tes...

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In the Spotlight: Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt
Writer Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt here discusses his short story "Dust and the Moon," which appears in volume XXXV of The Worcester Review and shares his writing process, daily routine, and upcoming work.  In addition to being an accomplished writer, you are also a...
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