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Making it happen in Manhattan!
Making it happen in Manhattan!

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I watched a movie: Rings
I was able to see an early screening of Rings last night, here are my thoughts with as few spoilers as possible. I re-watched The Ring 1 and 2 in preparation for this movie (didn't have enough time to watch the Japanese originals, although I did see The Rin...

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Kim Kardashian is robbed? Well, she's still much better off than me.
I realize I haven't been writing enough, as I've been busy on a constant job hunt these days. But since I'm pretty sure that I am losing my mind, I should try this last ditch blogging effort to stay sane before becoming homeless... Story time/rant: based on...

Will the search never end???

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Why me? Beware of scamming brokers everyone!

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Storytime: My NYC Roommates Have an Attitude with Me and Get Caught in a Lie Days Before I am Moving In (with text evidence)!!!
So, this is a continuation of my last Storytime: 4 days to find a place to live in NY and avoiding scamming brokers of the city . Where we last left off; I avoided being scammed by a lying broker who was completely unhelpful in getting me a NY apartment, by...

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Storytime: 4 days to find a place to live in NY and avoiding scamming brokers of the city
So I am now a New Yorker, transplanted from Pittsburgh! But boy was it a hot mess getting here, and the mess just keeps going, I got storytimes for day! But anyway, here is how I came to find a place to live in NY. About a month ago I came here for 4 days o...

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Confession: I am a Fashion Hoarder, and I'm moving to NYC
I have a problem, it's been a problem ever since I got my first job at Burlington Coat Factory 10 years ago... I. LOVE. SHOPPING. Not just shopping for anything, I love discounted clothes and shoes. I love a great bargain! So, when I see great clothes at lo...

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I can't wait to see these lipstick swatches vs the fall ones!
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