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I’ll be lending a hand this Wednesday evening in Seeking Equity in Connected Learning and Teaching, a new online course at Arcadia University in Philadelphia. Christina Cantrill, a Writing Project colleague of mine, teaches the course and asked me to lead a Twitter chat about the equity considerations in educational technology. For many of her students this will be their first Twitter chat. I'm reaching out to you because Christina thought it would be great if a few “outsiders” popped into the chat to illustrate Twitter’s power to extend the reach of a class conversation. If you’re free on Wednesday night from 6:15 - 7:00, you might be interested to sign on to the hashtag #techquity for a few minutes. We’ll be using a protocol called Believing and Doubting for the chat to consider some of the issues raised in some online texts about the topic. If anyone's interested, I can share the plans as I develop them. 

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The video attached is an Equity Podcast from the Metro Center. APS Ed Tech invites to join our community share your response in the comments below. Consider the following reflective questions:

What struck you as important in Dr Stembridge and Dr Noguera's talk? 

How might you operationalize what you've heard? 

What did you hear that sounded challenging? What ideas are you struggling with? 

(If you would like help setting up a similar thread in a G+Community you already belong to, please contact your Ed Tech coach for support.)
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