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Monicah Chege
I am the CEO of bizzy bee network
I am the CEO of bizzy bee network

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Hey guys this is my new channel for featuring singers and helping them to get themselves noticed i would love to feature everyone here! for free. if interested you can comment below or email me at

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Hey guys this is my new channel for helping singers get noticed on youtube and many other networks i would be grateful and honoured to feature every one's songs for free..You may comment below or just email me

Hey guys i want to start promoting undiscovered singers on youtube and i need some advice on how to captivate people

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thanks 4 the advice sir
How to deal with negative feedback? Use what's constructive, ignore what's baseless

Hey guys, i wanted to bring something to your attention, i want to create a channel to be featuring covers on youtube as i discovered that many of the cover channels we have like cover nation only feature the BEST according to them but forget the upcoming ones, i want to be featuring upcoming ones and even established guys, plx let me know what you think about this idea before i decide to create.THANKS

Hey all! i just wanted to inform all of you that i want to start a channel for featuring cover songs, regardless of your fame. i have realized that the biggest prob we have on youtube is the BEST covers are featured but never the covers of people starting out. i have checked out channels like cover nation and others and  i like what they are doing but i feel many guys are left out. if you think its a good idea plz comment below i take all your views seriously! thanks again

Hey guys i wanna ask, how does one sing on youtube and not get banned/copyrighted?

Hey guys i was wondering how many people here do cover songs?
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