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We are constantly falling into the trap of "how"
the world wants us to be, rather than how we really should be.  Thinking,
searching, seeking and pondering seems to be a right we give to others while we
easily fall into their dictation.  We are dictated the...

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My Australians animals quilt

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Plunge intio it...let life have you.
Even in the midst  of broken hearts and  new beginning love knows no limits, no bounds, no endings. There is so much beauty here  on this strange planet. Let the current life take you.... Love light and peace Ps/smoh

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Day 73
I miss  you so much.

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The only thing that matters is to realize that there is only
one true love, and that is the love for oneself, through loving and knowing oneself
we obtain from the capacity to love and know others. We don't need to seek
others to make ourselves whole. But i...

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This is my present reality, on my knees at the altar of emptiness and not knowing....
Today... Dare to allow yourself to be seen. Dare to tell the truth. Dare to stop pretending. Dare to stay present to the secret fire that burns inside. Dare to be wildly inconsistent. Dare to let another in. Dare to let go of the image. Dare to never be pre...

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Bow to each breath. Prostrate yourself before every feeling. Worship at the altar of every tingly bodily sensation. Savour every sound, feel the perfection in every perception. You are alive, and your aliveness is the world! Nothing is personal here, so eve...

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Nothing to Do...
I find myself with
nothing to do but be. It feels like that isn’t enough for all of us who were
taught from childhood to accomplish.  Surely I should be accomplishing something
that feels necessary or vital. But breathing might fall into both of those

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Love yourself and feel completely at peace with yourself and the world around you.
Learn that you are in control of who you are, and how you
react to people and situations really portrays how you feel inside.  Started not
caring about what others thought of you, and learn to love yourself, you will notice
that others would want to be arou...

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  This is for anyone who is going through a crisis, big or
small. "I know that sometimes it feels like everything's
falling apart, and even the most beautiful spiritual words sound like bullshit,
meaningless, flowery, new-age drivel. We lose everything we t...
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