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"I wish Uganda Cranes good luck. If I was younger I would be in their team. My promise to them will be implemented."- President Yoweri Museveni, a footballer himself, wishing Uganda Cranes victory over Angola.

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Budget 2013/14
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"This year's budget is historical as 80% of resources for the budget is generated internally. I thank the tax payers."- Hon Maria Kiwanuka.

The mandate of presenting the budget to Parliament lies with the President. Hon. Maria Kiwanuka, Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development has just concluded reading the budget as delegated by President Museveni.

President Museveni is right now delivering his speech:

" Uganda now has a lot of opportunities. As I told you the other day, we have got several offers to fund Karuma, Ayago and Isimba. An American company, AAE Geothermal has been licensed to generate electricity from the geothermal site around Lake Katwe.

Given the peace the UPDF had brought over Uganda and the liberal economic atmosphere ever since 1987, the two dangers we face are: corruption and delay as well as disorientation in decision-making in matters affecting the economy. As you heard in the Minister's speech, the Government of Uganda will fund more than 80% of the budget. The outsiders will fund only 18% of the budget.

Mid this financial year, some partners withdrew budget support that had been planned because of failure to understand each other's methods of fighting corruption and criminality. Surely, many people in the world know the NRM is in a category of its own, unique compared to many actors in the world, when it comes to fighting criminality and corruption. Having eliminated extra-judicial killings by State agents in Uganda, animal poaching etc, we have now started the war on embezzlement, bribery, nepotism and misuse of office.

The cases from Office of the Prime Minister's office, from Public Service and from the Ministry of Health that are now in court were detected by the NRM sympathizers and the Police. They were certainly not detected by the Auditor-General or anybody else." - President Yoweri Museveni delivering his speech this afternoon, Budget Presentation, 13th June 2013, Victoria hall, Serena Conference Centre


" Madam Speaker, an additional 6, 172 Health Workers were recruited for Health Workers were recruited for Health Centres and the remuneration of Medical Officers at Health Centre IVs was enhanced to Shs. 2.5 million per month inclusive of consolidated allowance. The construction and equipping of the Government of Japan-funded Kabale and Hoima Regional Referral Hospital was completed . Procurement is underway for contractors for Mulago National Referral Hospital rehabilitation and the construction of the Kirudu and Kawempe hospitals.

In addition to the seven immutable disease vaccines, the Pneumatically Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) against pneumonia was launched in April, 2013 with support of the Global Alliance for Vaccines Initiatives (GAVI), and immunization campaigns were conducted in 49 districts." - Hon. Maria Kiwanuka presenting the budget


Additional UgShs 5 billion allocated for Students Loan Scheme

A total of UgShs 5 billion allocated for Teacher SACCOs

"Madam Speaker, during the year, Government enhanced salaries for Primary School teachers by 15 % and 30% for Science Teachers in Post Primary Education and Training Institutions. In an effort to reduce teacher absenteeism, the percentage of teachers at task improved from 60% in 2011 to 77% in 2012. In addition, the head teachers at task improved from 63% in 2011 to 70% in 2012.

Madam Speaker, I have allocated over Ushs 1, 801 bn, representing 13.3 per cent of the total budget to the education sector to impart the necessary skills and knowledge required to tap the creative abilities of individuals, in order for them to lead a better life and enhance society's well being.

Students Loan Scheme:
Government will implement the Student Loan Scheme initially for Science, Medical and Engineering students in higher institutions of learning. The Student Loan Scheme will also be complemented by thw Bonding of students to Government employment after their respective courses, which will serve towards the repayment of the Student Loan. I have allocated an additional Ugshs 5 billion towards renationalisation of the Student Loan Scheme

Teachers SACCOs:
In line with the Government policy of encouraging savings, improve access to credit and uplift the welfare of Teachers, I have allocated a total of UgShs 5.0 billion to support Teacher SACCOs across the country

Inflation and Interest Rate Developments

" Madam Speaker, inflation has declined substantially and reached 3.6 % in May 2013, compared to 18.0% at the start of the financial year. The drop in inflation is a result of increased production, in addition to the improvements in the global economic prospects. To this end Government will accelerate supply-side measures to remove production bottlenecks.

Overall interbank interest rates declined to 8.6 % per cent in March 2013 from 26.2% in January 2012. This was a result of a drop in the Bank of Uganda policy reference interest rate, which has translated into lower commercial bank lending rates during the financial year. Commercial Bank lending rates are still high because of the non-performing loans which have increased slightly from 3.4 % in March 2012 to 4.7% in March 2013." - Hon. Maria Kiwanuka, Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, presenting the budget, this afternoon the 13th of June 2013

"In the energy sector, the 250 MW Bujagalu Hydropower project was fully commissioned during the financial year. In addition a number of small renewable hydro power projects delivering a total of 68.5 MW to the national grid have been commissioned. A total of 2, 322 km of transmission lines were laid under several Rural Electrification Schemes.

During the year, over 35, 000 farmers directly benefited from provision of improved maize seed, in addition to accessing inputs such as fertilizers, under the commodity approach. A total of 13, 486 kg of foundation seed for Arabica coffee, beans, maize and rice, were distributed to seed companies and farmer groups. To enhance irrigation for water for production, the rehabilitation of all the three irrigation scheme of Mubuku, Doho and Agoro is substantially complete." - Hon Maria Kiwanuka, budget presentation, this afternoon, June 13th 2013

"Madam Speaker, the economy rebounded significantly growing at 5.1% last year. Inflation subsided and was recorded at 3.6% as at end of May 2014, a marked reduction from double digits at the start of the financial year. The volatility of the Uganda Exchange rate subsided and currently averages around UgShs 2575.

Government registered significant progress in the implementation of budget for financial year now ending. In the works and transport sector, 845 kms of several national roads were fully or substantially completed; or have their construction on schedule. Construction of a further 88km of national roads will commence shortly having had their contracts signed. In addition, the designs for 723 kms of several national roads has been completed, and procurement for contractors will commence. The rehabilitation of the Marine Vessel Kaawa was completed during the year, and now operates between Port Bell and Mwanza." - Hon. Maria Kiwanuka presenting 2013/14 financial year budget, this afternoon, Victoria Hall, Serena Conference Centre

Introduction by Hon. Maria Kiwanuka: "Madam Speaker, in fulfillment of Article 155 (1) of the constitution and in exercise of the powers delegated to me by H.E the President, I beg to move that Parliament resolves itself into a committee of supply to consider:

1. The revised Revenue and Expenditure Estimates for the Financial Year 2012/ 2013 and

2. Proposals for the Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the Financial year 2013/ 2014.

In April this year, Uganda's long-term collective development aspirations as embodied in the Vision 2040, was launched by His Excellency the President. Vision 2040 provides a road map to transform Uganda from a low income to a modern middle income country within 30 years. Vision 2040 requires a fundamental change on the way of doing things by Government and the Private Sector, to unlock the binding constraints to Uganda's progress.

Madam Speaker, there are no quick answers to the challenges that face us today. The economic and social challenges we are working to address happened over several years and will take time to resolve. This requires patience and coordination. The financial year 2013/ 2014 budget seeks to continue towards socio-economic transformation, one step at a time.

Madam Speaker, consistent with our National Development Plan, the ruling Movement Party Manifesto and in pursuit of the Vision 2040, the theme for next financial year's budget is, " The Journey Continues: Towards Socio-Economic Transformation for Uganda.". The Financial Year 2013/14 budget will continue to focus on translating the Government strategic priorities into practice over the next year. Scarce resources have been allocated to reflect key Government strategic priorities within existing resource constraints.

2013/2014 Financial year Budget presentation begins with communication from Chairperson of the reading, Rt. Hon.Speaker Rebecca Kadaga: "The President's plans are translated into action by provisions of the budget."

Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic development, Hon. Maria Kiwanuka, presenting the budget now.

Theme: The journey continues towards socio-economic transformation.

Live telecast by local TV stations.
The budget and President Museveni's speech to be posted shortly after his address to facebook official pages: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Fan Page, State House Uganda, Government of Uganda and website:
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