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Home Again
Chenapou is a place without seconds or minutes, a place
without appointments or deadlines. In Chenapou each day on the calendar is
identical to the one before it- a question mark, a dawn bringing along any
piece of work that happens to crop up, any trip tha...

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The Backdam
The Backdam “No, of course I won’t bother taking my raincoat” I knew I
was wrong the moment the first drop of rain landed on my shoulder. Ben was
probably cursing me already for changing his mind about his own raincoat (But
we never need raincoats when we d...

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Happy Easter
This time around, time is very precious in Georgetown! I regret that I won't be able to upload very much on the blog, and it will probably be full of spelling mistakes. Just after one day here in the capital, Ben and I need to roll out to the interior for t...

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Project Report, Term 2
Dear Sponsors, friends and family, I am writing from the remote Amerindian
village of Chenapou, Guyana, to update you on the progress in my placement here
as a Project Trust volunteer teacher.
This has been my second term in the rainforest, in charge of a c...

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Written on the 15th of September, this is an account of a weekend which was spent, like many others, simply exploring the boundaries of Chenapou, and finding that in almost every direction, those boundaries were much further away than we had imagined. It's ...

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First Impressions
After a week of life in Chenapou, I jotted down some first impressions, and a description of our house. Chenapou is a peaceful place, and sitting out on the steps at night to eat our dinner, beneath a starry sky, watching the flashes of distant lightening i...

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New Year's Resolutions
1. I will be a better teacher by doing lots of interactive lessons and science experiments. No more copying from the blackboard. 2. I will become and expert paddler in my new dugout canoe, training every week to make the trip to Kaiteur and back. 3. I will ...

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First Term Project Report
Dear Sponsors, I am writing from Guyana to update you on the progress made at my teaching project in Chenapou Primary School. The first school term began on the 2nd of September, and from this date I was given responsibility for teaching grade 2- a class of...

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Blogging without an Internet Connection
Hello internet, it's been a while. After 15 weeks in the rainforest, the bush, the jungle, the interior, the hinterlands, the middle of nowhere, or simply 'home' as I now like to call it- I have arrived back in Georgetown for the Christmas holidays. It took...

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