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Adventures Happen

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Poi - trying again after 10 years
Very excited to give this another go. Not festival kid good, but i can't wait to learn more stuff.

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Catching Up on the Arts
I was briefly living in interesting times and chose to skip out on the posting of my creative endeavors and adventures.  Perhaps it is time to play a little catch up. I'll get started with the creative stuff. A few paintings of some very close friends. My p...

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Better Feminists Watch Porn
Dear Lady Friends, I hear many of you saying things about
society being broken because it promotes skinny, you should be able
to eat what you want and still be beautiful. I hear you say that
photographs of women that have not been altered are feminism. An...

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33 And I Don't Look a Day Over 40
So today is my birthday.  My 33rd Birthday.  I think that is a good number. 33 sounds like a lucky number if I ever heard one.  33 is the number of manifestations of Avalokitesvara. Avalokitesvara decided to make an appearance on my mantle this year.  3 day...

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New and Fun
Recently, I have been working on some fun little zen spiral wire twist earrings. I have been enjoying the results so far. What do you think? Beaded Zen Spiral in Blue Crystal Zen Spiral Earrings Sacral Chakra Crystal Zen Spiral Earrings

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I Loveded You Piggy!
New in my Etsy Store tonight ? My Pattern for Gir and Piggy Cup Cozies/Zarfs.

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I made up a pattern for these super awesome Corest Gloves as a throw back to my counterculture days. We had a fun time taking pics of them to share. This is her impression of my silly shocked face.  The pattern is very easy, requires neither too much yarn n...

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Crochet patterns!
I've been learning to write some crochet patterns for the fun stuff I make. So many people ask me to make things for them but well I just don't have enough hours in the day to fill all the requests! So i have been putting my crochet patterns on Etsy at Webb...

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DIY Oatmeal Face Scrub
So my family and I have decided to start making our own soaps and lotions and detergents! So far we have been extremely successful.  We have been using the DIY craft section at our local library, and Google to look up, research,compare some amazing recipes,...
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