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A boring boring post without any screenshots at all! (But really, there's not much to see anyway ;))
A new screen-locker
For all of you who want to use lightdm as their lockscreen, there's a new application we developed to enable you to do that exactly.

A bit of backstory: lightdm introduced locking functionality pretty early on, but the concept of lightdm in general is to start a new instance of your xserver when you e.g. switch users (or: lock your session). If you call lightdm to lock your seat via DBus that doesn't actually lock your session, in fact you can access it via Ctrl+Alt+F7 (assuming that this is where your session was).
So a locker is needed in order to actually lock your session.

As writing a secure screen-locker from scratch isn't exactly a piece of cake – it's actually quite essential that it really is safe – we decided to fork gnome-screensaver from before it got merged functionality-wise into gdm. We stripped down gnome-screensaver 3.6.1 to get rid of all the depends and extra functionality that we don't need. Instead the locker only shows a (translateable) message on a black background that the session is locked and you get forwarded to the unlock dialog within a few seconds. If you go to suspend/sleep, it also locks your session.

OK, Where can I get it?
So, that's what it does. How can you use it?
Here's the daily PPA:

How does it work?
You need to add it to your autostarted apps in your session or if you only wanna test it quickly, run the "light-locker" process and then use "light-locker-command -l" to lock your session.

Known Issues
This is still a development release (0.1.0). Even though it's feature-complete, we mostly need testing now. It should work, as the base is the stable and well-tested gnome-screensaver.
If your system has lightdm<=1.5.1 and you're using Consolekit, then the unlock dialog will not be properly closed, i.e. you can navigate back to it with Ctrl+Alt+F8 (and you also get a warning when wanting to shut down the machine, because there's a second xserver).
If your system has lightdm<=1.6 and you're using systemd, then the behavior I described above will affect you as well.

Bug Reports
go here:
(as issues)

If you can translate the two needed strings into your language, that'd be a great help! Either submit them via merge-requests or via email.
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Seems you already get help for the spanish translation, so I guess i can't help that much, unless is worth try it under precise with lightdm 1.2.3. One question tough, if this get enough testing in time, will it make it on Xubuntu 13.10?
Yup, I hope it'll make it into Xubuntu 13.10.
With respect to Precise look at the "known issues" I mentioned in the post, cause you'll bump into one of those...
Yes I did, that was the reason I mention if it was worth it and the lightdm version. Anyway I'll do it and see if I can catch some bugs. I do like Xscreensaver it does it's job, but lacks the good appearance of others..
Hi Simon,
Now directly sends the user to LightDM?. Only lock the session.
Please, allow to hide the desktop for a while (and return just when moving the mouse) before asking password.

Simil any screensaver. ;)

This looks great. I was never a fan of xscreensaver as a screenlocker, so I really hope to see thos in a future xubuntu release :)
I'm having problems:

I'm running Debian Sid (Semplice) with openbox, and the install was easy, and the next time close my laptop lid I found light locker was active and had locked me out of my desktop.  However, when I entered my password a the light-dm screen,  I was greeted with a "This session has been locked" dialogue that won't go away, forcing me to log in to another tty and execute # pkill light-lock

When I manually restart light-locker and run light-locker-command -l the light-dm lock screen comes up, but if I press ctrl-alt-F7 before entering my password, my desktop appears and is totally unprotected.
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