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A new screen-locker
For all of you who want to use lightdm as their lockscreen, there's a new application we developed to enable you to do that exactly.

A bit of backstory: lightdm introduced locking functionality pretty early on, but the concept of lightdm in general is to start a new instance of your xserver when you e.g. switch users (or: lock your session). If you call lightdm to lock your seat via DBus that doesn't actually lock your session, in fact you can access it via Ctrl+Alt+F7 (assuming that this is where your session was).
So a locker is needed in order to actually lock your session.

As writing a secure screen-locker from scratch isn't exactly a piece of cake – it's actually quite essential that it really is safe – we decided to fork gnome-screensaver from before it got merged functionality-wise into gdm. We stripped down gnome-screensaver 3.6.1 to get rid of all the depends and extra functionality that we don't need. Instead the locker only shows a (translateable) message on a black background that the session is locked and you get forwarded to the unlock dialog within a few seconds. If you go to suspend/sleep, it also locks your session.

OK, Where can I get it?
So, that's what it does. How can you use it?
Here's the daily PPA:

How does it work?
You need to add it to your autostarted apps in your session or if you only wanna test it quickly, run the "light-locker" process and then use "light-locker-command -l" to lock your session.

Known Issues
This is still a development release (0.1.0). Even though it's feature-complete, we mostly need testing now. It should work, as the base is the stable and well-tested gnome-screensaver.
If your system has lightdm<=1.5.1 and you're using Consolekit, then the unlock dialog will not be properly closed, i.e. you can navigate back to it with Ctrl+Alt+F8 (and you also get a warning when wanting to shut down the machine, because there's a second xserver).
If your system has lightdm<=1.6 and you're using systemd, then the behavior I described above will affect you as well.

Bug Reports
go here: https://github.com/the-cavalry/light-locker
(as issues)

If you can translate the two needed strings into your language, that'd be a great help! Either submit them via merge-requests or via email.
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