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Is this the most upsetting thing made with LEGO ever? >>

LEGO is refusing to end its partnership with Shell, whose drilling plans threaten the Arctic with a very real disaster. If millions of people see this video, LEGO will have no way to hide its dirty deal with Shell.

WATCH it now and SIGN the petition >>
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Shane M
Your website's security certificate is playing up. I can't view the link
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If Clive Palmer meant what he said about climate change, wouldn’t he scrap his plans to build a giant coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin? 
Here’s our take on what this all means for climate politics in Australia
We won’t know exactly what Clive’s announcements mean for a little while yet. But this is what we think his latest speech could mean for climate politics in Australia.
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SPREAD!!! !!! !!! OOO
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Get your head around this: nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists today. Our latest Green Living guide shows you which plastic items can and can’t be recycled
Want to know what can be recycled in Australia or what the numbers on your plastic containers mean? Find out about plastic recycling, Australian recycling rules and the plastics identification code here!
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BREAKING: We’re up in the canopy of Leard State Forest to stop the Maules Creek Coal Mine! This morning a new group of Greenpeace tree-climbers entered a different part of the endangered forest to set up a sky-high camp.
Stand with them today and sign our emergency petition to stop the bulldozers and save the forest >>
And please share this post to show your support - thanks so much!

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If you consider yourselves as a Just and Proper Humans. You must stop and seize any financial interaction actions with Australia since these money you are paying them are used for deprivation of original owners of Australia. In Case of South Africa financial ban and blockage worked and will work in Australia's case. We has the humans should end the stolen land of Australia from the original owners of it.  
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How awesome is that! This solar plant gathers the sun's energy with hundreds of mirrors, stores it, and still provides electricity by night:

SHARE this image to join a mass of people who are pushing for more solar and wind power, and less of dirty energy!
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Is it possible to change our current power sources to more planet happy alternatives like solar/wind etc- I mean world widely? If we built enough would it cover our power needs? 
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#Climateimpacts and spreads dengue fever, #malaria, & diarrheal diseases. Let’s change the climate for global health
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New news Ebola is on the move.
Woo Hoo!
Lets burn more coal and other carbon based fossil fuels.
I want to die bleeding from every orifice just to spite all those waiting for the "rapture" of christ!

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#Climateimpacts the future of #species around the world. Let’s restore our world to a healthy balance. #IPCC
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If needs all the help we all can give it I'm onto recycling
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Did you know that more renewable energy = cheaper power bills? In fact, the investments in solar and wind power created by the Renewable Energy Target have actually reduced wholesale power prices! 

Don’t let The Dirty Three hike up your power prices - act now!
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People have a lot of money a little concerned about the future ... Law _X
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The simplicity of this concept is beautiful. This 1,000 miles of solar canals could light up the entire region and reduce water loss!
READ and SHARE India's plan to cover open canals with #solar panels.
#summersolstice   #firstdayofsummer #longestday 
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That works what about all our open channels
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AMAZING NEWS: Overnight, Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank, announced at its Annual General Meeting it will not fund destructive plans to expand Abbot Point coal terminal in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area! SHARE to spread this great news far and wide!

The bank’s executives said: 

"There is clearly no consensus between the Australian Government and the UNESCO, regarding the impacts of the Abbot Point expansion on the Reef, we will not consider financial applications for an expansion of Abbot Point.

"We are currently not involved with this project and will also not be involved with it in the future.”

Meanwhile, our Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt is deciding whether to approve the Carmichael mega coal mine in Queensland. This is one the biggest reasons mining giants are scrambling expand coal ports in the Reef. 

Tell him to reject foreign-owned coal company Adani and say no to the Reef-destroying Carmichael coal mine:
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Great news, finally someone takes a stand against our screwed government!! Cheers to that.
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Overnight in Rotterdam harbour in the Netherlands 80 activists confronted a tanker carrying the first oil plundered from the Arctic Ocean -- the same oil the Arctic 30 protested against last year!

Tell Shell and Gazprom to stop Arctic drilling >>
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dat not cool
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#ClimateImpacts CHILDREN: By 2050, climate change could increase # of undernourished kids in Africa to 52 million.
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Australia and the Pacific are unique and precious environments. We're (bloody) lucky to call them home. We've got a beautiful climate, rich oceans, vast forests and healthy food. Yet all of this is under threat. Greenpeace takes action to protect our natural home, now and for the future.
Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviours to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace by:

● investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse

● challenging the political and economic power of those who can effect change

● driving environmentally responsible and socially just solutions that offer hope for this and future generations

● inspiring people to take responsibility, through action, for the planet