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Ryan Ó Laoithe
dropout, loser, game desisgner, broke. NB. They/them.
dropout, loser, game desisgner, broke. NB. They/them.

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So I finally bought and read firebrands and all I want to do is reskin it for steven universe. 

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Little lasers and feelings hack, taking full advantage of the Google docs word counter.

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I forgot I had this... 

what's that larp where you play four fans of soccer, in England to watch a boring match, and the game takes place over your quiet pint in the pub afterwards and none of you have anything interesting to say to each other?

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this seems very relevant to me lately. I've been struggling with some mental health problems, become kinda withdrawn. and Facebook has started targeting me with sponsored posts for online counseling. and if sucks.

ty racist subreddit moderator for telling me that maybe I'm wrong about sexism being bad. you've given me a lot to think about. 

so the Nintendo switch looks like the best thing. 

your fave is problematic: me

you're in an over the top 80s cop show.

what's your theme song? 

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Going a different direction now.

What I like about this design is that it manages to be busy but also have a lot of just nothing all up in the top half. 
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