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Another geek on the web.
Another geek on the web.

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Great write up of TagSpaces. 

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Neat write up of the bullet journal system by JetPens! 

What a Monday.

And tomorrow I'm starting at 6:30 for an early conference call. The call isn't til 7 but I want some time to get my bearings and start my computer before I have to be coherent enough to respond to questions.

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I'm trying this. It's a syncing tool for google drive. If you click this link, it's a referral, so give it a try if you use google drive!

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This is really interesting. I use a bullet journal because it's so dang easy (for me) and I have it open all the time on my desk. I'm not as good at putting the trivial things in it, but I usually remember those, so oh well.

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This is interesting.

I'm already using a similar system, with the bullet journal, a small ring notebook in my purse, and Evernote for personal and OneNote for professional notes.

I don't use a to-do app because I have a tendency to ignore the notifications as they come up. And it's so much faster and easier for me to add and cross off tasks on paper.

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Here's the Telegram CHAT room. I made a channel before and was unclear on how it worked.

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Telegram channel for Ubuntu Michigan Loco.

Has anyone thought of having a telegram group for ubuntu-us-mi? I can set one up and set up moderators and stuff. It works great for mobile users and is cross platform. 

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100 Days of Productivity (29/100) and UFYH

I cleaned up my desk!

The inside this time instead of just the top.

This was bad. Bad bad bad. I wanted to do something about it for the longest time, but I had been hit with the “don’t give a fuck”s so I didn’t.

Today my mom and I went to Meijer and I picked up some small bins to put things in... I’ve got everything organized by type of thing (all my pen refills are in one box) and these will hopefully keep things from rolling around.

Also I have 4 calculators.

How did I get 4 calculators?

Granted, one is a TI-84, but I have managed to acquire THREE physics calculators... I guess one can go to work because why the hell not, right?

I feel better now.
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