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Google engineers are no longer sure how their #deeplearning system thinks, it is thinking for itself in ways beyond human programming.

"This means that for some things, Google researchers can no longer explain exactly how the system has learned to spot certain objects, because the programming appears to think independently from its creators, and its complex cognitive processes are inscrutable."

I am not terrified in the slightest, are you?

#machinelearning #artificialintelligence #machineintelligence #artificiallife #life #intelligence  

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The Man In the Amber

Bottling my first ever batch tomorrow. A slightly hoppy blonde. If all goes well in a few weeks it'll be a nice 32 ibu session beer. Wish me luck! 

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Put phasers on that thing! 

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Heading over soon for some great music on a gorgeous evening!

So I got Windows 8 booting off a virtual disk... pretty darn good for a dev preview. Soon I'll try out developing a Metro app in VS 11.
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