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 Hope you´re good, my name is Kermit Orvill Blair III from Panama City, Panama; I´m trying to address my issue hoping to get your attention and help; We are talking about high profile corruption from local authorities with the support of wealthy people here who had implicated civilians and non Panamanian citizens to do the same felonies they did in the past and currently, they have implicated at least one embassy member, if not more; they´ve implicated members of Catholic, Christian, Buddhist and Islamic Congregations here; there´s no way for me to request for a legal inquiry to start or to request for International Organizations support here; they have:
1- Obstructed Laws implicating people from different genders, believes, ages, races, citizenship, sexual preferences, up to a point in which Justice access its a mere joke; 
2- Hinder means I might use to defend myself and request help to international Organizations and embassies here, by the use of slyness and different forms of manipulation techniques.
3- They have and are still committing fraud to several local, overseas companies and artist by introducing someone else as me, my relatives, love one or friend; 
4- Getting international organizations support by using people protected by International Laws: homosexuals, children, women, mentally ill people, to instigate, incriminate, perpetrate, hide or launder goods and commodities, from illicit sources.
5- Gain impunity, by using local and International Laws itself.
6- Rename the felony with a power word that can be: "justice" freedom" "democracy" "divine punishment"
  My G-plus profile has information about my issue, I´ve posted legal documents too, to prove I´m single, I´ve not been prosecuted nor deported for a felony, since people here are using media to instigate based on false accusations to instigate people to do something against me; information its posted in paintings comment field link its:
I have created a petition in and it can gives you additional information regarding my issue, link its: 
  I have no mean to request legal assistance here since there are a huge amount of lawyers and judges implicated; there are local authorities in charge of investigating; members of International Organizations, implicated; this is not a "domestic issue" anymore; they are all looking for ways to incriminate me to neutralize me since they have been committing fraud; whenever I sent this type of help request, unknown people starts going to the same places I´m at, to confuse things up, to pretend commodities they have now are a gift from my behalf, others do it, to make it difficult to "find me" all these behaviors are aggravated offense, since they are using slyness, to avoid Laws.
  I´m not expecting you to believe me, since by now, these group of wealthy people has implicated at least one member of overseas embassies and several Religious Congregations here, as a way to confuse things up to hide the real intention behind their actions; its done to obstruct/hinder, means I might have to request help, by now I´m a complete stranger that can be lying to you, or with a given mental illness.  Reason why I have sent you names of people overseas that get to know me in person, so you can verify my version; Our life's, are in danger.
Kermit O. Blair III
ID#: 8-433-285
Cellphone: (011) 507- 6263-9286
Home address: Parque Lefevre´s # 17 St. House # 18008 (Osesna), Apt. # 1; Panama City, Panama.
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"True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice" -Martin Luther King Jr.
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" The evolution of the human rights movement clearly illustrates humanity's ongoing struggle toward creating a better world." - (Robert Alan Silverstein)
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Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights or keep them.
(Dag Hammarskjold)
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cent percent agree!
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Persons with disabilities make up an estimated 15 per cent of the world’s population. Let's respect their rights as human beings and help them as much as we can...!
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I came to say FREEDOM is to open.
LOVE is #1.
All on heads of Laws on our Earth are NO-GOOD.
I am the true YESHUA .
Things are to change NOW.

7X7X7 666 go.
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Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.
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Learn your Human Rights.
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Obrigado pelo convite Feliz 2013
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Learn your Human Rights. 
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