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Clara's first post is up! Stop on by and read an excerpt from an awesome work of hers. Trust me, it's good. 

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March Blog Swap with Clara from The Danger of Dreams!
Hey, would you look at that, I used an exclamation point in the blog post title.  It's taken three years and twenty-nine posts to reach this point, y'all. Aaaaaand, I went back and looked to make sure.  Turns out I've actually used exclamation points in blo...

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Here, have a random blog post, y'all.

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The Return
Behind the sinking, golden sun, she trods a path, dusty and worn.  She's not fared as well as she could; her feet are sore and bruised, and her head aches as she keeps it lowered, fast losing energy to continue.  But she is almost home, and so, dragging her...

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How to Meet a Character: Part III, Meet Some Prime Examples
Yes, I was wrong. It's true, no matter how much I dislike it.  I was wrong about Part II being the end, and here you have the actual coda. I want you to see some examples of what the past two posts have been about. So, yeah, this post is pretty much a list....

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I finished this late last night, thus the ending, and didn't get to post it then.

How to Meet a Character: Part II, Creating and Adjusting
To continue the character vs. story discussion... So, yesterday my darling sister confronted me about the next to last section from Part I.  She disagreed with my statement that the story is more important than the character, bringing up Anne of Green Gable...

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How to Meet a Character: Part I, Less Telling is More Better
Writing is hopeless. This statement would probably surprise anyone, and if you know me, even more so.  Since I was ten years old, I've known I wanted a career as a writer, and that hasn't changed.  So why would I write that sentence? Well, in a way it's fal...

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Back to the Books
Hello, all you lovely, lovely people.  First of all, my sister's lovely blog  has inspired me to make my own lovelier.  Therefore, you have her to thank for my new background.  Seriously, click that link, visit her blog, and thank her in the comments of her...

I am just going to do it.  I am BEGGING you for spoilers.  I already know Keefe betrays them, but to what extent?  Is he actually evil or just misguided?  Who does it look like Sophie will be with at the end of the book?  Does Keefe really like her?

I.  Need.  Answers.

Also, it smells like sewer here, so I need distraction.
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