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Offering a unique approach to business consulting and advice for the 21st century.
Offering a unique approach to business consulting and advice for the 21st century.

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17 Critical eCommerce Threats Killing Your Conversion Rates

If you own an e-commerce platform and it is not performing as well as you would like it to,then it might be due to the following:

1. Limited eCommerce Platform
2. Vague user persona
3. Incomplete product descriptions
4. Complicated sign-up forms
5. Confusing navigation
6. Lack of abandonment cart recoverability
7. Limited upsell opportunities
8. SEO un-friendly product pages
9. Cumbersome or missing shop search
10. Lack of credibility
11. Inefficient email marketing
12. Non-targeted content production
13. Hosting limitations
14. Limited payment gateways
15. No competitive advantage
16. Vague affiliate opportunities
17. Overspending on PPC

If you are unsure, it might be worthwhile to have an expert review your website and to tweak the site to improve user experience and to ensure that it is conversion-oriented.

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The 3 Simple Rules of Managing Top Talent

How does a company retain top talent successfully? According to an article featured in +Harvard Business Review, there are three rules for managing top-end talent. These include:

1) Treating them as individuals, not as members of a class;
2) Providing continuous opportunity; and
3) Giving then pats on the back.

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The Australian regions with the fastest growing consumer spending revealed

There are many factors that affect consumer spending. Among these are consumer confidence, interest rates, disposable income as well as lifestyle preferences and needs. Based on data from the National Australia Bank, the last quarter saw a 13.5% jump in spending on pubs, restaurants and accommodation across Australia. Economist Stephen Koukoulas pointed out an increasing consumer focus on spending on experiences, and fast paced lifestyles that lead to more individuals eating out. To find out which regions have the fastest growing consumer spending, read this article.

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How Digital is Impacting Marketing

The rise of different types of digital tools and accessories has made an enormous and lasting impact on the lives of people. Businesses have taken notice and as a result have been utilising online channels to promote their products and services. Through these online channels and other digital tools, businesses are able to collect a multitude of information about their customers and the outcomes of their marketing efforts. However, not all businesses know what data to focus on and how to use the information. In her latest blog, Reload Consulting’s Anna Schuh provides a step-by-step guide on how to leverage digital tools and data available to grow a business.

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Don’t trust your gut: How data can revolutionise your business

In their business analytics survey, SmartCompany uncovered that 90% of Australian business use analytics in decision making. However, while 60% of these businesses revealed they use analytics recurrently in decision-making, only 40% follow an analytics strategy. This eBook discusses how Australian businesses currently use data analytics, how they can use data to improve their business moving forward and the biggest challenges that companies face in relation to data. +SmartCompany

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So your digital marketing isn’t working? There’s a reason for that!

In order to keep up with the needs and expectations of customers, more and more businesses are turning online to reach their target audience. Business owners make considerable investments in developing a website and embark on marketing activities using various digital channels to promote their products and services. Despite these efforts, many business owners often get frustrated because they do not see the results that they were expecting. In her latest blog, Reload Consulting’s +Rebecca Scott shares her thoughts on why this happens and what businesses need to do to achieve the outcomes they desire.

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7 Business Trends to Watch in 2017

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must be aware of the opportunities available as well as new ways of doing things for improving their performance and to achieve success. Last year, some of the trends that were evident in the business world included emphasis on customer experience, innovation, content marketing, the use of data analytics when developing strategies, and selling through social among others.

In her latest blog, Reload Consulting's +Sahlia Painter shares her thoughts on the seven business trends to watch in 2017.

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Marketing ROI: How to Get Actionable Insights From Google Analytics

Marketers feel the need and are pressured more than ever to justify their marketing spend on digital channels. A simple and free method of tracking ROI is to use Google Analytics. This article drills down some key user behaiour metrics covered in Google Analytics including page per session, bounce rate, and referrals.

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10 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal the Books That Changed Their Lives

Inspiration for a successful business can come from anywhere, anyone and anything including books. In this article is a list of books that have helped entrepreneurs see things in a different light and helped shape their businesses.

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Designing the Perfect Website Homepage: What to Keep in Mind

The company website may or may not be the first touch point businesses have with customers. However, if it is, it can make or break chances of doing business with them. When viewing a company website, the homepage is without a doubt, the most visited page. A well designed homepage has the power to capture the attention of the visitors, educate them about the brand and encourage them to visit other pages of the site. To ensure that the homepage of a website performs well, it should have the following elements:

1. Clear value proposition
2. Optimised for multiple devices
3. Intuitive navigation
4. The right colour
5. The right font
6. Bold images

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