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A few shots of my now more-or-less complete post-apocalyptic marketplace project. You can read more at my most recent blot post:
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Post-apocalyptic market complete
Around Christmas, I had one of my periodic brilliant ideas and threw together a bunch of junk from my bits box to make some post-apocalyptic market stalls. The project developed gradually over the next months; I put together a load of civilian models from d...

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Hiiiiiistory Story Tiiiime, Hiiiistory Story Tiiiime, this one's not really a story but what the heck! Question by +Tim Deegan, production by +Jason Walter, mistakes by me.

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Lovely people.

One of our refs for urban nightmares has had his nhs operation moved up and so we need a person to take over.

No previous experience required; full training provided.

Comes with a free ticket to one of our other megagames

And I'll throw in a pint at the pub afterwards.

It's next Saturday in Cambridge, and will last from 9 until 5

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Yoon-Suin for £1? Sounds like a bargain.

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The Ork refurbishment project continues apace, with the Blood Axe mob now up to minimum size. Should be about twice this size by the time I'm done. 

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A question from +Ben Brown prompts another History Story Time with not one, not two, but two and a half great stories about Charlemagne! +Jason Walter produced it.

Dear Cambridge Requiem players,

As you will have heard, we're not holding Cambridge games in June
because of a scheduling conflict. However, we've decided to make the
best of this opportunity to catch up with downtimes and game
administration. Since Stephen as just joined the ST team, this is a
great time to bring him up to speed on characters and their abilities
and backgrounds.

Therefore, we're going to do downtimes as usual: submit yours and
we'll try to answer it by the end of the third weekend of June (although if it's later than that, we'll try to answer it as well). You
can receive XP for this downtime as normal. In addition, we will also
be releasing a character questionnaire so that you can update us on
your character's goals and situations. We'll be asking follow-up
questions to this, hopefully. Completing the questionnaire will earn
you a bonus XP.

Finally, we'd like to request that players submit updated versions of
their character sheets; the ones we have are mostly out of date.

If you aren't sure how many XP you have or what your options are on
spending it, just let us know and we'll be happy to work it with you.

UK crafty types of G+! I want to buy some felt in a kind of mixed greeny-brown pattern with which to make a cloth to play games on. Is there a website you can recommend? 

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In response to a question from +Timothy Edwards, here's the video +Jason Walter produced of me talking about Peter the Great.
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