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Qualtar Demix
...and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.
...and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.

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TCS interview
Date : 13 December 2016 Telephonic Questions : General overview. Why do we use parent attribute when declaring beans? What could be the disadvantage of using parent? Have you ever used a prototype bean in Hybris? How to override an attribute? Is that even p...

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TUI interview
Date: 2 December 2016 Mode: Telephonic. Duration : 30 minutes. Questions: What do you do in your current project? What are cronjobs? How do you set them? What is trigger? How does it work? What are the libraries that it uses internally? Explain whole indexi...

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Q3 Technologies
Date : 6 November 2015 Venue : JMD Megapolis IT Park, Sector-48, Gurgaon The building has a wonderful architecture!!! After a terrible wait of 1 hour. Hybris : Full WCMS story. Difference between CSFT and CSFP? In a box show the entire process of Solr funct...

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Date : 6 November 2015 Telephonic Hybris : What are the different types of interceptors? Which one gets called when? How to disable a particular interceptor? How to do interceptor mapping? How to create a new interceptor? How to create a cronjob? How to cre...

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Date: 5 November 2015 Telephonic Java: Difference between List and Set? How does Set ensure unique values? What if I want to add multiple objects with same values to Set (or something like that). Why hashcode() when equals is already there? Difference betwe...

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Software for finding JSP from PHP
An article I wrote a long time ago, when I was visibly frustrated. Gotta say it can't get worse that this. Here is the problem. We work on large projects (very very large projects). The UX team (or UI team) or whatever you call the people who design the pag...

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Pratham Software
Pratham Software Round I: What is a controller in spring MVC? Where is the mapping for a controller? In which files is the controller? What are the annotations used in a controller? How does AJAX calls hit the controller? How does the controller decide whic...

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Born Group
Questions: There were very long uncomfortable pauses between each question. What all modules in hybris have you worked upon? How to use the REST webservices of hybris? How to use the SOAP webservices of hybris? How to create a SOAP client? How to do a serve...

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Hong Kong and Singapore Based Firm
Telephonic for a Singapore based firm with clients in Hong Kong. Spring : What is AOP? What is DI? What is IOC? How many types of IOC? How to inject bean using constructor? How to inject bean using setter? How many types of beans? Life cycle of beans? Examp...

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Amazon Interview
Amazon Date: 15 November 2014 Venue : Nehru Place Questions: Create a balanced Binary Search Tree from a sorted array. A 2-D matrix is filled with only zero and one. Each row is sorted i.e. each row has zero's on the left side and one's on the right side.Fi...
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