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Grief Heals
Help for those who are grieving
Help for those who are grieving

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Hire the help you need to get through the legal and financial stuff. No one who is grieving has the energy for it.

You're dealing with enough change. Keep your home environment familiar and comfortable if you can.

You may not get over it but you WILL get through it.

No version of they are in a better place makes your loss feel any better. It just doesn't.

Never let anyone tell you how to grieve, what you "should" feel or how soon you "should be over it".

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is key to getting through this. (Counterintuitive I know)

Stop trying to be strong. It almost always backfires.

One death but each family member is grieving differently and no one has any emotional reserves. Be gentle with each other.

One of the most important and hardest things to do is to trust your grief.

When it comes to grief, selfish is a good thing. Let's face it most of us just don't have the emotional reserves to do anything else..
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