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Did a modified Bibimbap (with quinoa - bibimquinoa, I guess) for dinner last night and it was a hit! Which was great, since it's one of my favorite dishes.
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Do I sense a fellow foody. ;)
Indeed you do... I need to start blogging the stuff I make and putting up my own creations... I have an oatmeal I've come up with that tastes like black licorice, and another one that's like fried rice. They both scare my family. :D Maybe others might appreciate them.
BTW, for this bibimquinoa, other than substituting the rice for quinoa, I left out the kosari (fern brakes) as I couldn't find any. Also, gochujang isn't gluten-free, so I used chili paste, some miso and thai sweet chili to approximate the flavor as I remember it - sort of a fruity, miso-y, warm red chili flavor.
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