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Ron Grubb
Politics and humor can and offen do go hand in hand.
Politics and humor can and offen do go hand in hand.

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You Put "A Feel The Bern Tattoo" where?
You put a "feel the Bern" tattoo where? So your a big Bernie Sanders supporter. You want to express your unwavering support of Bernie and all the free stuff his is offering you. Well think twice before you truly mark your self as a Sanders supporter. Those ...

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A conversation over hear at the local coffee shop.
I was in the local coffee shop yesterday and over heard an interesting conversation with the Barista. Barista; Can I help you? Costumer; One large coffee please. Barista; That will be $4.99. Costumer; I couldn't help but notice your Trump campaign button. M...

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Coffee and Chocolate prices are on the rise due to the coming winter EL Nino.
  A very strong EL Nino thru out the coming winter is as good as a Shure bet. So get ready for not only the unusual weather a strong EL Nino brings but the likely hood of higher coffee and chocolate prices.  Coffee is only recently recover from disease prob...

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Caffeine and your golf game.
Is Caffeine a performance enhancing drug?   While having a cup or two of coffee before performing in a professional sporting event is not a rules violation. It could be in the future. With all of the health news and effects of Caffeine on a person's health ...

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Victoria Secrets Fashion show with your morning coffee at the drive thru.
   Is the drive thru at your local coffee shop turning into a fashion show for Victoria Secrets? In some parts of the country the quick answer would be a resounding yes.   A hand full of drive thru coffee shops are staffing their drive thru windows with wha...

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Red Wine,White Wine is color the only difference.
First it is the grapes used then how the grapes are fermented and aged.   The color is in large part a result of the color of the grape's skin. Red grapes, red wine White grapes, white wine. Remove the grape skin and there is little difference in the color ...

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An Alternative to your standard drip coffee maker.
A French Press;   One of the easiest alternatives to a drip machine is a French press . Coffee from a French press generally tastes stronger and to many better because the ground beans actually steep in the hot water, giving the water more time to pull more...

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Frosty Mocha, a Summer time coffee Recipe.
Ingredients; 1/4 cup strong brewed coffee brand of your choice.                                     1/4 cup   Chocolate Flavored Syrup. 1 tablespoon vanilla flavored syrup* 1/4 cup cold milk 1 1/2 cups ice cubes Whipped cream Chocolate decorator sprinkles, ...

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Poly wants a cracker and a decaf. Parrot causes auto crash in Pennsylvania.
 Poly wants a cracker or an espresso.       Pennsylvania police say a woman lays the blames for a recent auto crash on her coffee-drinking pet parrot.  The coffee addicted parrot distracted her moments before she crashed her car into a guardrail. Troopers f...

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Coffee with the Clintons.
  You are in your favorite booth at the local coffee shop. When who walks thro the door? Black tie, white shirt, pin stripe jacket.  Are they filming a new Men in Black episode? Is your first thought.    You slide the window drape to one side and what do yo...
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