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WLAN developer/ consultant

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Typical Network Setup with BANA WiFi Routers and DVR
I am going to introduce a new Feature in this post. One can save the Surveillance video streams recorded by BANA WiFi Routers (Through USB Cams). Needless to say, DVR is also a wireless device. We made the configuration very easy for DVR also. It joins the ...

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WiFi Technlogy: WiFi Router vs WiFi Range Extender vs WiFi System
WiFi Access is one thing that people can't live without. Traditionally you need something called WiFi Router through which you can access Internet. WiFi Routers have a range of around 30 meters. In case you need to access beyond this range, you need somethi...

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Data Usage History with BANA
Reaching FUP limit is a nightmare :). But you can plan and use your bandwidth effectively if you know the  amount of data  that you (and other devices in your Network) consume every day / week / month.  Using BANA's UI you can know how much data is consumed...

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Connected Clients and their Bandwidth on BANA Router
Using BANA's Android app, you can see the list of Connected Clients in your Network. You can see the list from anywhere. Say if you are in office and want to see who all are connected to your home Network... Copying a screenshot below

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Port Scanning of Clients with BANA
Open Ports   make the clients  (Laptop, Mobile etc) devices vulnerable to cyber attacks. It would be good to know the opened ports and take appropriate action like killing an application or removing an app etc.  BANA helps you to find the open ports on your...

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Hi All,

We made the most affordable WiFi Router / System for homes and small business houses. Please check our website about the product, . The existing models in the market (like Eero, LUMA) are priced at around $400. We brought-down the costs to around $40 for one Router and $105 for 3-Router pack. We also added a lot of other features. You could see in our website.

We will go for crowdfunding very soon. We will update you once we make the campaign online on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Please register here ( if you are interested in purchasing the Routers and want hear from us about the campaign. .

Thanks & Regards

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Parental Control With BANA WiFi Router / WiFi System
Everyone wants  control over their Internet connection, either it is permanently blocking a client (Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets etc) from accessing Internet or limiting access to kids. Especially with WiFi Routers we always should be very careful on who gets ...

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Complete WiFi Picture with BANA
So, one can remotely monitor premises using BANA Routers and simple Webcams. BANA can also be used to add WiFi capabilities to Printers . What about core WiFi features? BANA supports almost every feature that you expect from your WiFi Router including Bandw...

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USB Printer becomes WiFi Printer with BANA
This is going to be very short and quick post. Check my previous posts before reading this, here , here and here :).  Attach your USB printer to any of your BANA Routers to make your USB printer as a WiFi printer. Now you can print print documents from ever...

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4G Backup with BANA
In my last post, I wrote about Live Video Streaming using Webcams with BANA WiFi System . In this post I will write about 4G backup for your Network. Internet is something that we can't live without. Internet connectivity is the key for the IoT applications...
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