I finally arrived to Chi-town around 3:00am last night, and should be here for about a week. I'm going to try to get caught back up with all of you guys, so hopefully you haven't forgotten about me just yet! I got a few shoots today, but nothing serious, and I'm going to be working on a few side projects over the next few weeks too, so hopefully I'll have some cool news to report on those kooky ideas of mine! ;)

For the next few months, I'll be on the East Coast mostly, as I hit up Detroit, Toronto, Upstate NY, Montreal, and then cruise the East Coast until July, when I'll probably hop through the Ohio Valley, Tennessee, maybe hit up Texas again, and then head back to North Carolina for a wedding I'm attending. Following that, the real journey begins, as I'll be heading to Europe for 2-3 months, and will be Plussing the whole trip, as well as attempting live hangouts from the streets of Paris, London, and Rome, along with lots of other cities! See, I told you I was working on some cool shit for you guys!

However, I've been told in a few PM's that I don't post enough "cutesy" shots, so I figured I would try one of those to see what you guys think... Let me know! ;)

Love You Guys! More to come from Chicago! DA BEARS!!! :)
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