Portland is over... On to Seattle

So Portland ended up being one of my busiest stops this year, surprisingly! I'm heading up to Seattle tomorrow once I check out, and stopping by Voodoo Donuts on my way, so expect a hot shot of 12 small fattening fried pieces of heaven tomorrow. Then, I scheduled myself some off-time in Seattle, so I'm gonna relax, get a mani-pedi, a haircut, and finally handle all those girlie things most models do once a week or two (It's been like two months for me)


Congrats on the Perfect game White Sox... Ron Artest, your a bitch... and don't forget about Thursday Night Football fans!! Round 1 of the 2012 draft starts! NBA playoffs start shortly after... GO HEAT!! (What?? I'm from Miami, so I have an excuse!! I liked them before we bought Lebron and Bosh, thank you!!) Lol.

Travel Schedule

So I'm going to be in Seattle through the 27th, Spokane the 28th and 29th, and then it's a 4 day, 1800 mile hike through Montana, the Dakotas, and Minnesota, as I have to be in Milwaukee on the 5th for a two day workshop I'm taking part in with the Amazing T.H. Taylor!! Hopefully a few of you guys are attending!

From there, I head to Chi-town, followed by Detroit in time for Michigan Comic-con!! You just may see me there! ;) And then it's on to Toronto, Up-state NY, Montreal, and down to Boston to finish the month of May!

Yeah, in one month I will drive from the PCH to US-1!! ... It's going to be a long !@#$%^& month!! Lol.

TL;DR World Famous Donuts tomorrow, Draft Thursday, NBA playoffs next week, and I'm driving a fucking lot next month... Now go back and fucking it read it you lazy ass... lol.

And now? Russian Jessi!! ;)
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