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Desktop in simplicyty and modularity
Desktop in simplicyty and modularity

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We are gathering some coins to setup a hosting:

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I'm glad to announce that the version 0.5 Alpha of the MoonLigth Desktop
Environment is ready!

This version is focused in hackers and developers who would like to make
real the our dream of having a simple, lightweight, functional and
beautiful desktop environment.

It is not recommended for common users.

With this release we prove that is possible to build a modular desktop
environment. Also with it we settle the top of resources consumption for
our system now own this indicator will be descending as we improve the
interoperability between the different modules.

In the blog you will find the .deb ready to be
installed. Also this would be a good chance to get involved more people
in our project.

Hope you enjoy it!

We will make an alpha release next week!! Don't miss the opportunity of been the first in test MoonLightDE.

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Galeria humanOS: moonlightDE conscurso de diseño
En humanOS se presento un concurso para los diseños del escritorio, la comunidad participa con sus ideas para hacerlas realidad en equipo. Los mockups presentados podrán ser valorados por todos hasta el día 24 de febrero de 2014 ,
a partir de entonces come...

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Denis Savenko mockups!
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Acabamos de publicar un totorial sobre como crear plugins para Moonlight Desktop Environment, nos ayudas a traducirlo al inglés ?

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Dear all:
I would like to thank you for your support !! With your help I'm pretty sure that Moonlight will be a great desktop environment.

Small project overview for newcomers:
Moonlight is a desktop environment for low performance devices such as old computers or Raspberry_pis. It follows the principles of modularity, integration, weightlessness and simplicity an is built using open source technologies. In other worlds, we aim to create a simple desktop environment were all the desktop components are integrated into a single application in order to gain performance and reduce memory consumption, it's important to say that critical tasks such as file operation will be handled as separated processes.

Relations with other lightweight desktop environments:
We don't pretend to rebuilt the well, thats why we use the code from Razor-qt and LXQT desktop components as much as possible. Also if we make some corrections or improvements we must submit then upstream.

Current status:
Right now we are working in four different lines:

There is no an official design-workflow (help needed here) but we are holding a design contest in order to define the style for our first version, this contest will end in February, 24. A collaborator is hosting it at his blog (, it is in Spanish but don't be afraid to comment and we will make our best to answer . Right now there are about 7 proposals with a great quality, here we will depend on your opinion to chose. Once the design is ready we were move to implement it, and the design team will focus on icons, fonts and the rest of the artwork.

Yesterday were done some modifications to the core application,  the one that integrates everything. Now we are moving to the functional desktop components. I pretend to start by making a panel and it's plug-ins. After that will come the file manager, its our aim to reuse libfmqt for it. But there are other functionalities that not depend on a panel or a file manager and can be developed such as:
- PlolicyKit client.
- Keyring.
- Control Panel
- Session manager or (integration with systemd)
- Others that will come from a future brainstorm.

So right now its functional the desktop core, the rest of the components are just skeletons.

Our wiki also is very small and we need it to guide the support the developers an future user. There are some  documents in Spanish that need to be translated to English such as the plugin develpment guide.

Last but not least is our propaganda campaign, we are calling for volunteers from all over the world. Help us spread the word.

Best wishes

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Moonlight Desktop Environment
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