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Hey All!

Sorry I'm been out of touch so long. Hope all is well with everyone. Planning to build two gaming PCs, one for me, one for my 15 year old son, so we can both play WoW. (My 5-yr old Apple laptop just doesn't cut it any more). Does anyone have a parts list for a gaming PC build they can please share? Or maybe share a link to a good resource? Neli is helping us, but I've never built my own machine before so any help is greatly appreciated.

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can anyone please make me an immaculate mastery taladite gem?  I have the mats, except for the 100 taladite crystals.

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here's a video of me and the SETDA Board with the CNN guy in Baltimore, I'm on the left in the blue coat.

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The other night we were having a spirited discussion in IB Mumble regarding a question I got from an audience member, a 4th grade teacher, during the Games4Ed Q&A session at the Philly Young Innovators Fair last Saturday.  He asked us something like, "What about the research that shows too much screen time is bad for kids?"  None of us were up on the research, so we sorta skirted the question, but I did promise to the IBers in our Mumble discussion that I would post some articles I had read about the subject, to show what kind of material folks were reading about this issue. 

Please see - - especially the part where they say, 'Before age 2, children should not be exposed to any electronic media, the pediatrics academy maintains, because “a child’s brain develops rapidly during these first years, and young children learn best by interacting with people, not screens.” ' 

Also please see - - , which discusses the phenomenon of blue light disrupting normal sleep patterns. 

And you all will enjoy - - here is the article's last sentence  - "For more information on how the physiological effects of electronics translate into symptoms and dysfunction--as well as how to reverse such changes--see my new book, Reset Your Child's Brain."

Has anyone seen any similar articles, or research or articles that take different positions?  This question of too much screen time is one that I come up against every so often, as I'm sure others do, and it  would be great to have a prepared discussion citing credible and accurate research when the question arises.

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Here's a pic from the Games4Ed booth at the Philadelphia Young Innovators Fair today.  We had at least 500 parents, kids and educators circulate through the booth.  My son Alexander is standing at the left, with the blue plaid shirt.  My daughter Leah (Neli, if you remember when she ran with Cog Dis and IB) is sitting on the right in the maroon sweater (partially hidden).  In the background on the right you can see Jeffrey Bradbury doing a TeacherCast panel discussion with Matt Farber, Shannon Bishop (PBS Kids), and Steve Isaacs (Sugabear). It was an awesome day!

Hi All,  FYI, Barnes and Noble is staging Mini-Maker Faires in their stores all over the U.S. on Nov 6 - 8.  If you're interested in checking it out, please contact your local Barnes & Noble or visit

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