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Nikki Madigan
Freelance Writer, Social Media Obsessed, and Excessive Reader
Freelance Writer, Social Media Obsessed, and Excessive Reader

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My Search for the Scariest Horror Novels - #amreading #horror

I have real life fears. But I’m not going to tell you them. Last time I did that, SOMEONE used it against me to scare me. -.- Anyway, for movies/books/plays/haunted houses etc, I’m never scared. I can never put myself into the story enough to like, look…

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A #shortstory  I wrote in college. #amwriting  

Hello there! My name's Nikki - currently an unpublished writer. I've got a few novels in the works/editing phase. 
If anyone is ever bored and likes to give constructive criticism, I'd welcome it! And I'll gladly return the favor. 
(Essentially I miss taking creative writing classes in college :-) )

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"Annie's Ghosts" and the History of Mental Health Treatment Spoiler free

Every once in a while, one can start reading a book and realize that the book is offering more than just an entertaining read. This happened to me recently when it was my turn to read Annie’s Ghosts by Steve Luxenberg. I found it by browsing through my…

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Suicidal to Siren - A Review @kseniaanske #amreading #bookreview

This week, I read the book “I Choose to Die” by Ksenia Anske, the first book of a series called “Siren Suicides.” Check out the summary here. Okay? Here we go. I chose to read this because I frequently interact with Miss Anske on Twitter. Plus, I’m trying…
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