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Chad Dunbar
Full Time Geek, Glass Enthusiast, Technology Addict
Full Time Geek, Glass Enthusiast, Technology Addict


In other non gaming news, I been using an iPhone 6+ for the last few days. I still think Android will always win my heart over iOS 8, period.

I can't believe half the month is almost already over... I am still correcting myself writing 2014 rather than 2015 for the new year.

So...I was REALLY looking forward to my customized license plate to arrive, but apparently "geeking" is a derogatory term in the State of California...

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I haven't even purchased a song since I began Spotify and now I have this amazing site!

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I haven't used my Legos in years but somehow I have the urge to buy the new #Minecraft Lego sets and decorate my home office with them. XD

Finally, SSDs will start taking off in a mass scale because of the sales. Cost per Gigabyte now down to almost 33¢, everyone should upgrade!

Busy 2 weeks with IRL work but happy I get a day off to relax with the family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and hope you are doing the same!

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Fun app to get by Google.
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So today I can confirm I can actually drive a scissor lift without dying. XD
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