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Advanced Purification (SanusAer)
Advanced Purification - SanusAer Ozone Generators
Advanced Purification - SanusAer Ozone Generators

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Warehouses/Shipping Containers • Odor Removal & Sanitization

Odors of biological or chemical origin are prevalent in warehouses and shipping containers and can often cross-contaminate other shipments. Complete odor removal and disinfection is now possible with high output ozone generators provided by SanusAer®.

Shipping / storage odors exist because everything imaginable is being distributed throughout the world: electronics, food and spices, chemicals and fertilizers, plastics and polymers, textiles, and even waste. All these shipments come with their unique odor challenges and it can be very difficult to "reclaim" warehouses / containers once the smells have permeated the space. SanusAer® ozone generators will eliminate these odors at their source by destroying the VOCs or Biological pollutants responsible. The exclusive SanusAer® design provides the most effective delivery of Ozone to a given treatment area, resulting in a faster, more complete odor removal and sanitization.

Problem: Shipping odors are a difficult problem, especially containers, because the smells are from diverse sources. A shipping container transporting textiles this week, can be called into service for food next week, and odor accumulation from both can occur. Additionally, the presence of microorganisms will also contribute to odor problems. Cleaning the space, whether a warehouse or a container requires that all of the surfaces be treated to completely address the odors, because simple "masking" with fragrances can lead to further odor accumulation or contamination of future shipments.
Solution: Ozone is a broad based sanitization strategy and one of nature's most effective oxidants, treating everything that comes into contact with it. by breaking down VOCs and biological pollutants, thus eliminating odors at their source. SanusAer high output ozone generators deliver substantial amounts of pure ozone, the most effective odor eliminator; and when applied in "shock treatment" fashion, can quickly address an odor. Because it is a gas, all the surfaces exposed, literally anywhere air currents travel, will be treated. Additionally, ozone breaks down into clean, breathable oxygen after the treatment, leaving no dangerous chemical residue behind. The container or warehouse must be unoccupied during treatment, and the area must be aired-out prior to re-entry, however, the odor will be completely eliminated in a short period of time.

Note: Treating a container or warehouse with Ozone ensures that future shipments won't be impacted by the odors from a previous load. A quick, green solution to a costly problem, SanusAer ozone generators are the odor removal technology of the future, available today, that will get you back in business with minimal interruption.


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We really want to be able to help the victims of these horrible floods. We are now offering a discount to all flood victims.
Here's how you can help flood victims in Louisiana

Charities like the red cross are helping:

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We want to help these people, therefor we are offering a discount on our machines for victims of the flood. Details can be found at the following
Want to help the flood victims in Louisiana, USA? Donate to Second Harvest Disaster Response. The local Second Harvest Food Bank is feeding 180,000 people each day. Your donation will be put to immediate use. Second Harvest Food Bank is responding to the third major natural disaster to hit South Louisiana in just six months, sending thousands of pounds of food, water, and cleaning supplies to flood victims in Tangipahoa Parish, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. As this unprecedented disaster unfolds, Second Harvest is committed for the long haul to support those in need.

How to help

Donations of food and funds are needed to support Second Harvest’s disaster response efforts and ensure that food, water and disaster supplies are available to the thousands of families impacted by the unprecedented flooding.

Click HERE to make a secure online donation.

Food and supplies: Donations of nonperishable food items such as canned vegetables, fruit, and meats (tuna and chicken), soups and stews, beans and chili. Peanut butter, pasta, rice, breakfast cereal and shelf-stable milk are needed. Cleaning supplies including bleach, disinfectants, gloves, sponges, trash bags, and scrub brushes are also needed to help residents with the cleanup of flooded homes.

Food and cleaning supply donations can be delivered to Second Harvest Food Bank from 7:30 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at two locations — 700 Edwards Avenue in the Elmwood Warehouse District or Second Harvest’s Lafayette location at 215 E. Pinhook.

Donate at Rouses: You can make both monetary donations and food/supplies donations at any Louisiana Rouses store.

How to get help

Our toll-free Helpline, 1-855-392-9338, is connecting individuals and families to their local food pantries and resources for additional assistance. We continue to work with local officials and our partner agencies and programs throughout South Louisiana to help families in need of assistance.

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Don't fear SanusAer is here!
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Who benefits from using an Ozone Generator?

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120 things an OZONE Generator CAN treat!

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What Ozone generators CAN and CAN NOT do!

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Ozone Generator keeps Athletes SAFE!
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