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A cartoon to help eradicate statelessness

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Levelling the Field: Improving Opportunities for Women Farmers in Africa
"Levelling the Field: Improving Opportunities for Women" is a new  policy report jointly produced by the World Bank’s Gender Innovation Lab and The ONE Campaign.  The report contributes to the debate on poverty and agriculture by comprehensively documenting...

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The Chronic Poverty Report 2014-2015: The road to zero extreme poverty
With the
debate on the post-2015 development framework in full swing, the third
international Chronic Poverty Report addresses  one key
question: what needs to be done to get to (or close to) zero extreme poverty by
2030 – the new goal for global poverty re...

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Future Diets: Implications for agriculture and food prices
This report by the Overseas Development Institute wonders whether or not the world should go  on a diet for 2014. Diets are increasingly important in a world of economic growth and rising incomes. And two concerns, in particular, are emerging: the effect of...

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World Malaria Report 2013
The World Malaria Report 2013 summarizes
information received from 102 countries that had on-going malaria transmission
during the 2000-2012 period, and other sources, and updates the analyses
presented in 2012. It contains revised estimates of the number o...

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Afrique 2.0: Tirer parti des ressources naturelles pour la transformation économique
Le 13 ème  Forum
Économique International sur l’Afrique aura lieu au Centre de Conférences
de l’OCDE le lundi 7 octobre 2013. Ce Forum es...

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Africa 2.0:Harnessing natural resource wealth for economic transformation
The 13 th  International
Economic Forum on Africa will take place in the
OECD Conference Centre on Monday 7 October, 2013. This annual

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Education is Essential for Development
This post by Pauline Rose of EFA Global Monitoring Report is part of Wikiprogress series  on 'Education and Skills' . New analysis by the...

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L'Éducation transforme: e-Learning, le bonheur et l'après-2015
Bonjour à
tous  et bienvenue à cette revue
d’articles et de rapports sur le progrès, orientés vers l’Afrique. Parmi les
faits saillants d...
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