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Reading this article today, I come to the conclusion history can't be solely blamed Germans aren't using alternatives to paying with cash. Phillips neglects the fact that a decent percentage of the German population has neither experienced hyperinflation nor the devaluation of currency caused by war. As a German, born in the 70s, I certainly don't have any of these reasons to prefer cash.

Most people probably choose the most convenient way instead of overthinking their lives. Most convenient today unfortunately is to carry cash, since there are still a heck lot of merchants who don't accept credit cards, sometimes not even debit cards. People want to get stuff done, if your bakery won't let you pay w/o cash, what would you do?

In my opinion it's not people who choose so, it's mostly the merchants who dictate using cash. They aren't eager and ambitious enough when it comes to implementing new technologies in this country, fearing the cost and effort.

Also banks are part of the problem. They effectively block global players like Google and Apple to install their mobile payment solution in this country. The fear of loss of power is the most possible reason for that.

To generalize saying people are so conservative and afraid of alternatives in Germany is as stupid as saying all Germans made Google pixelate their houses.
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