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Bryan Lilly
Seeing the radical in the ordinary
Seeing the radical in the ordinary
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Eugene Peterson on the difficulty of believing that God is at work in our ordinary lives.

Loving the #nexus5

Working hard on my site #design. Hoping to release it 1/1/14. I'm utilizing #wordpress custom post types and post formats to facilitate an environment that I can update more often for little things like links, quotes, etc as well as give space to articles, stories, and poetry.

setTimout( ), you are a beautiful little function.

I used to make fun of the Message. Now Eugene Peterson is a paper-and-ink mentor of mine. His is some of the best books on spiritual formation and pastoral theology ever written.

Making a halloween mood/themed playlist. Suggestions....Go!

"it wasn't avoiding conflict..."
"it was more trying to not get into a fight?"

Oh hey G+. Man, you're so much better than Facebook. Have you opened up your API so that my tweets can show up here as status updates? No? Oh, then, I'll be back next time I remember to update you in the heat of a status updating moment. 

Oh, hello internet. Sorry I haven't been giving you attention lately, G+. It's not you, it's me. You're still gorgeous and interesting with a great personality. I've just been too busy, too consumed with life, you know? I can't promise I'll get better, but I will try.

Just saw a website with incredibly small font. Immediate thought: dude should be smacked. Then I looked at the code.

Base font set at 12px. Then immediately increased by 1.2rem to 14.4px. 
And then it was set to 62.5% or 9px!

This kind of stuff resulted in a stoning back in the day. Websites shouldn't need magnifying glasses.
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