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Nathan Vargas - Certified Web Technologist
Together, it's done!
Together, it's done!

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I've been invited to Speak at ComicCon 2014 in San Diego, Ca.

It's been 5 short years since I utterly failed to finish my comic book at my first 24 Hour Comic Day attempt. I drew only 4 pages!

So I created an exercise that focused on Character Creation, something that I could complete in less than 5 minutes. Speed was the key. This new exercise was shaped like a star and led to even more exercises (there are currently 9+ exercises in the kit)

All I wanted to do was succeed at this crazy challenge and I thought it would help me. (It did!)

Then came Anthony Francis, a strong and true friend, who took it the next level when he said "Lets start a comic book organization. We can call it Blitz Comics ( because we gotta be super fast if we're going to succeed next year. Oh, and let's help other people succeed too!" 

Then things just rolled faster since then. 

In 2010 we got our first big break when Leef Smith, of Mission Comics in San Francisco (, supported our cause and promoted the kit to his participants that year. He believed in us first!

Then we become official sponsors of the event in 2011, under Amanda at ComicsPRO ( 

Then in 2013 we were promoted to official co-organizers by the Executive Director!

Now, we are on a speaking panel at ComicCon 2014 (! That's a world class stage and we couldn't be more proud to be the face of 24HCD!

And next is the  Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, during October where we'll have the published book version of The 24 Hour Comic Survival Guide ready for sale. 

I wonder what's gonna happen next? Thank you to everyone who believed in me and supported me. You made the difference.

Here are the ComicCon event details:
Friday, July 25th
5:15PM – 6:15PM
Celebration of 24 Hour Comic Day: 2014 is the 10th anniversary of 24 Hour Comic Day. Please come by and celebrate with us! We'll reminisce about past years while also discussing how to make October 4th, 2014 the best 24 Hour Comic Day ever. Room 18
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Hanging with bigwigs of Google Chrome and other members of the SFHTML5 International Developers Group. I received a personal invite from the man in charge. Wow! 1 of only a few!

Time to mingle like a Pringle.
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"Dentist Patient Workflow Management Web App v2.0"
COMPLETED! Now in testing..

No team. No project manager. No boss. No time clocks.
Just Me and my fingers creating 4,200+ files and laying down about 23,000+ lines of code. 

That's how I imagine Heaven...
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I'm now a card carrying member of the Cult of Chrome.
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Heading over to another dentist office today to install another copy of my DentistTalk program. And training the staff to boot! I love this Life.
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My new Web 3.0 based, dentist inspired, document drop system is now complete. At about 1 year of development and 3 months of refinement, it's now installed and in use at 3 Bay Area dentist offices. Oh ya!

My very own, hand made program. I'm like a proud Poppa.
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Hello there. A simple click, and you win friends and influence people.
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The Blitz Comics Limitless Canvas project is moving right along! I've worked out the graph structure and parts of the file naming convention. And I've been invited to speak at the next Comic-Con in San Diego, CA in 2013!

Wow! Stay tuned for more details!
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(as Developer and Brand Identity Consultant)

Two very smart, Los Gatos based, female entrepreneurs are my latest happy clients. With their new logo and website, they feel confident they can finally get investor interest in their Big Idea.

..and I helped then get there..I'm excited for them! 
Girls Rock!
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The Juxl Puzzle will soon have new life breathed into it. It's a brain challenging game that brings out your inner artist. Even if you think you don't have one..
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