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A call for support for Kara Wild!
Kara Wild is an artist, comrade and resilient force of nature,
currently being detained in France for her alleged participation in a
protest against draconian labor reforms and police repression. She is a
trans woman and is currently being held in a men’...

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ESSAY: Deconstructing Myths Surrounding Veganism & People of Color
Deconstructing Myths Surrounding Veganism &
People of Color Written by Sarambi "Veganism is a white privileged consumer activity." Aight, so I hear this and see this shit a lot. That vegans are inherently white, that
veganism is about consumerism, and it ...

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Radical Sobriety Montreal's response to the article 'The Revolution Will Not Be Sober'
Radical Sobriety Montreal's response to the article 'The Revolution Will Not Be Sober' Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 04/09/2016 - 00:37 Shared from From Radical Sobriety Montreal Radical ...

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A Call For Actions in Solidarity with Alabama Prison Rebels!
"Things here are tense but festive. The C.O. and warden
was stabbed…It has nothing to do with overcrowding, but with the
practice of locking folks up for profit, control and subjugation. Fires
were set, we got control of two cubicles, bust windows. The r...

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Speciesism & Sexism: What's the Connection?
One of the most basic tenets of the animal liberation movement is that there is no moral difference between human and non- human animals. If something ought not be done to humans, then it ought not be done to animals. And vice-versa. If we are serious about...

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Mexican activist fears for his life after whitnessing the assasination of Honduran environment defender Berta Caceres in her home
Castro also said he fears for his life in Honduras and that local authorities have barred him from returning to Mexico. He also implied he doesn't trust police by saying he feels safer with Caceres sympathizers than with a thousand Honduran police officers,...

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Vegan anarchist Eric King accepst non-cooperating plea agreement to 10 years in federal prison.
Shared from After almost a year and a half of pre-trial detention in shitty
conditions, court battles and other legal woes, and facing threats of
forty years in prison, Eric King has finally decided to...

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Support Chicago Vegan Co-op!
Description: The Chicago Vegan Co-op is organized as a member-run bulk-buying club to purchase a wide variety of wholesale vegan items wi th
the aim of opening a storefront in the future. We are committed to
replacing mainstream agriculture & industry wit...

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Don't worry....
...we are still here! Been busy working on a couple new projects. One includes selling anarchist patches and supporting prisoners. So stay tuned!

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Warzone Distro zine catalog Fall 2015 PDF
This can be downloaded here!
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