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Kate Curtis
Somebody gave me mic and let me run around
Somebody gave me mic and let me run around

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Babies Come With Stuff: 3-6 month Baby Gear Update
(Words by Meg, images by Kate) Now that we've passed
the 6 month mark (7 months tomorrow!), we have plenty of things to say
about baby gear for the 3-6 month span of time. Our usual disclaimer
applies- this is just our opinion and what worked for our 3-6...

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Things I've Learned About Myself Since Becoming a Mom
(Words and gifs by Kate) Meg and I both say that we never imagined having kids until we met the person we wanted to have a kid with.  I mean, we all say we want to grow up meet someone and have a family, but, much like the greasy piece of pizza I just ate b...

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Baby Gear Reviews Birth-3 Months
(Written by Meg, gifs by Kate- I actually MADE the last one!) From the moment a baby is born, she is showered with gifts. From the baby showers with diapers and blankets to the hospital's baby hats and bulb syringes (I'll come back to that later). But what ...

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Wonder Weeks: Was That a Leap or Just Gas?
First I want to say that I'm mad at all y'all for letting me post about how well our daughter was sleeping.  Come on guys.  I think we all knew what was going to happen.  And it did.  For the past 4 nights the Bean has decided that her true bedtime shall be...

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Where Did This Angelic Baby Come From?: The 3 Month Turnaround
By Kate Another mother told us that, if at any point in the first 3 months you don't think "I wanna throw this child out the window," that you're a liar.  We've mentioned here that no one ever tells you how hard parenting is ( Screw You Folgers and Other Th...

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"I'm squishing up a baby bumblebee" and other cruel children's songs
(Words by Meg & gifs by Kate) Ella has recently shown a real interest in music. Kate's dad, Opa Chuck, sang German lullabies to Baby Girl when he was here and it got Kate thinking about songs from her childhood. One day she started singing a song that start...

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Daycare: Colds, Cubbies & Crib Training
(Written by Megan & gifs by Kate) As we've mentioned here before, Kate went back to work several weeks ago, a momentous occasion for all three of the Curtis ladies. We are lucky enough to have Grandpa Jeff on babysitting duty on Mondays. Fridays in January ...

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(written by Meg, gifs by Kate) Kate and I have this running joke about when we do something with Ella that realistically is totally fine, but is likely something the textbooks would tell you not to do. We've hashtagged these moments "badmommies."  Usually t...

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Screw You Folgers Commercial and Other Things That Make Me Cry
Words & Gifs by Kate Someone once told me that you really don't find your footing in a new job until you've been there at least 2 months.  I think that's kind of how parenting is.  This mess is hard y'all.  In fact, I'd say this is the hardest thing I've ev...
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